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Going To Extremes

Author(s): Lynne Tierney

Gena McCullough is caught between two men: her danger-junky ex-husband Jason and Kyle, a test pilot who happens to be Jason's brother and the man she loved as a teenager. The chance a love renewed is can only be marred by one thing, Gena's special gift.

When a prediction of a horrific skiing accident comes true and Jason goes missing, presumed dead, it's only a prelude to the bizarre things to come. A psychic link, once forged in love and restricted to dreams, is suddenly being used as a weapon that physically manifests in the objects around her. Demons from her macabre, three-paneled oil painting and even an antique radio become conduits for Jason's attempts to drive her and Kyle apart.

The more Jason attacks them, the closer Gena and Kyle get. It seems nothing can tear them apart until Jason receives some unexpected help. The race is on for Gena and Kyle to get to Jason's body before his mind join forces with a power that could destroy them all.



No man, since that wonderful long ago summer, had ever shown her that same controlled intensity. She would never forget those first kisses. When it came to the introduction of sensual exploration of two mouths, there couldn't possibly have be a better teacher. But he'd never let the word "love" or "marriage" slip out of that talented mouth So, if she reached out for him now, it had to be a one shot deal.

Was she mature enough to accept a move into intimacy without thinking of the happily-ever-after scenario that she'd held close to her heart since she was eighteen? She wasn't sure, but she would take the gamble.

So what if it was to be a temporary way of blotting out the frustration of not knowing where Jason was or if she could've prevented the accident by acting differently. Without allowing herself to think anymore, she touched Kyle's forearm. It was an experimental gesture, as if she tested the reality of him.

Aah, the reality of him. Maturity had thickened his body. His shoulder muscles and biceps had swelled but they weren't bulky. His chest was broader and a strong urge to remap its definition and shape with her tongue and hands made her shiver with need.

Reaching out cautiously, Kyle touched Gena's lower lip with the pad of his index finger. Her warm breath tickled as she touched the tip of his finger with her tongue. Her distinctive fragrance blended with her freshly soaped body and shampooed hair, was like a tropical flower drawing him into its core. Sensual speculation took over, and he was soon reminded of her long-ago silken whispers in a darkened cabin.

He kissed her ear, throat and the soft swell of her breast as a current of longing built full and heavy inside him. His throat constricted and his words came out in a strangled rush. "Have you any idea what you do to me?" Never had he longed for her as much as he did now. Never had she looked more seductive and desirable. Without the air conditioning that hummed along softly like a comforting soundtrack, he knew he'd be nothing but a puddle on the floor.

Pulling back from her, he gazed deeply into her eyes and made sure her need to possess him was equal to his desire. Eyes the color of jade held glimmering pools of longing in their depths and gave him all the reassurance he needed. Devouring her look of disheveled sexiness, his heart lurched as he slipped into bed and pushed the long length of his body as close to hers as humanly possible.

Gena moaned softly as she allowed pure sensation to swamp her when she felt his heavenly breath caress her neck. Her body had a great memory for recalling how his lips had worked their magic on that sensitive area eight years ago. But, before his soft persuasive lips and warm breath conspired to wipe away all rational thought, she took a moment to give her present state of mind a quick check over.

Was she deluding herself? Was she reaching out for a life-affirming connection with a former lover? She'd be a fool to think Kyle's passion for her went any deeper than that. So conflicting feelings had her in a strangle hold for a moment. But that was all. Her ambivalence was short lived.

At first, Gena playfully moved her tongue across Kyle's upper lip. The sculptured fullness of it was one of his most fascinating features. Following that, she gave him a few light kisses before she slipped her tongue just inside his bottom lip.

From his toes to the top of his head, Kyle's body was taken over by a primal urge. Everything faded into insignificance except the need to give this phenomenal woman a taste of blinding soul-drenching pleasure. Removing her oversized T-shirt, his fingers ran over the curves of her cheek, the elegant straight nose, and the smooth jaw line. After traveling down the small of her back, his hands slipped around to her flat belly and then up to her breasts that shone full and lush.

Gena let out a low trembling sigh when Kyle pulled away from her body. "Since I moved into this house," he said, as he removed his pajama bottoms, "I've been living with a fantasy. Before things got too crazy around here, I hoped that I might get you into my bed. So I made a point of being prepared for that possibility. Now please excuse me while I get a condom from my room."

When he yanked open the drawer of his bedside table Kyle took stock of his condition. Like a covered pot of boiling water over a rip-roaring fire, he was ready to blow his top. Damn it. He knew he was taking advantage of Gena's scrambled mental state. But God only knew when he'd get a chance like this again. Maybe in another lifetime.

"I'm back, I'm back," he said teasingly, as he stood by the bed and let out a low sexy growl.

"What took you so long?" She sat up, reached for his erection and licked the velvety tip.

Kyle made no effort to move as she slid her hand languorously up and down the vibrating length of him.

When the swelling, hardening and fire burst of longing became unbearable, Kyle pulled away from her. Handing her the condom, he waited for her to unroll it and sheath his penis that now enjoyed the painfully insane period before he went down on her and slipped it into her hot center. Taking her by the shoulders, he gently pushed her away from him. "There's a force inside me that's ready to explode," he whispered.

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