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Jack - In the Pack

The Pack Series: Book 4

Author(s): Carys Weldon

Bitten, shapeshifting into a werewolf, the world as Jack knows it quickly slips out of focus and when he opens his eyes, they are flashing for only one thing.
The beautiful Fera isn't safe, she needs a hero, and she may steal his heart.


I know I was shaking--all the way through--when I opened that cell and got my first good look at Fera standing upright. I thought, is this what I've been running for--all my life?
Yeah. I'm talking love at first real sight.
And the reason I think that is--is because, I looked into her eyes and felt my heart skip a beat. Not only did my lower body jump to attention--and it's been rock hard ever since, I think--but I couldn't breathe. And that wasn't because I'd been giving the pack the runaround.
So, we were out there, facing each other--and she was waiting for me to make my move, and I was trying to think of a good approach, but totally dumb fucked. I knew, somewhere in the back of my brain, that a crinos 'bitch' is unpredictable, and especially one that was in a first change. I knew she could go totally ape-shit on me at any moment and I'd be dead on the ground. So you could say I had some instant respect for her in that regard. But, like I've said more than once, it really wasn't my life that I cared about. I felt like that had been stolen. I was living someone else's reality at that point.
I can say this…I absolutely desired Fera. I wanted to climb up inside her and cradle her against me, and never let her go. I still feel that way. And I know that that's dangerous.
Especially since I keep coming back to a total distrust of her brother, how we were set up, and Lobos International's whole deal. And that's something I'm really struggling with. What will Fera think, if she ever gets wind of the fact that Hood did his fancy little database search and lined up our genetics--that he flew me halfway around the world so I could meet her. Now, that scares me. I'm afraid I could lose…everything.
But enough of my fears. We were out there, had caught our breath, and I recall standing there, the air thick between us, feeling a connection…and kissing Fera's shoulder. Such a sweet- and sad- gesture. It felt a little desperate. I wanted to make contact but I was timid, afraid to make that move.
It was more because I'm a man. I don't like putting my inner self on the line. I mean, sure, I put my body on the line all the time. And I push myself mentally, too. But that's because I'm an emotional handicap. I crack jokes because things get a little tight on my space. Does that make sense?
We had a connection. An untouchable, indescribable something that kind of hung between us, lacing little spider threads around us, drawing us closer and closer until I actually touched her. And yes, it felt reverent. I felt like a beggar…just hoping she'd let me close to her, let me explore the kismet.
I never believed in that sort of thing before, but now I do. I know that you can feel someone's loneliness, it can speak to your own, and somewhere in the middle, you can both feel complete. I'm sure I sound like a sap.
But I'm a scared sap. I'm hanging onto something that could come undone with one bad word from…how many people? Anyone at Lobos? The losers? Maybe Leer? And if he's confided in Kayty--that's the most likely way for Fera to hear about the plotting behind her back. And from that source, I don't think she'd give me a chance to defend myself. One little truth will lead to another, and then everything that happened to me at Lobos could come unraveled. I would lose Fera. I know it. She would walk away from me and never look back.
I have to protect her from all that. It could tear her apart. Us apart.
And then I might have to show them a little 'unnatural rampage'.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-050-3
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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