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Author(s): Anne Fields, Shauna Foote

For the love of a life she once lived, for the friends she once had, one Wiccan woman will risk it all to change her destiny and the destinies of the ones she loves.

Three close friends are reunited through fate and magick. Tormented by their haunted dreams and visions of another lifetime past, they are led on a quest to find their true selves and to change their destinies. But, little did they know that attempting to alter fate and time offers consequences they never could have imagined.


Please, please, I need to know. Give me the answers that I seek. Hayden begged, speaking to the unseen powers of the universe. Shed not been one to plead, but these were desperate times. Just breathe, relax, she whispered under her breath, willing herself to calm, anticipating the divine answers.

Hayden cast the runes. Unable to look at them her gaze dashed towards Abby, watching her twirl her long brown curls with her fingers. Abbys dark eyes looked anxious. She creased her forehead, concentrating and waiting, just as anxious for the reading as she was. As the runes fell freely to the table, Hayden glanced down; their message quickly became clear to her. The way they laid, the way the symbols compared and contrasted to one another told her what she needed to know. Hayden gasped. It's the same message, Abby said, dumbfounded. She sprang from her chair. Hayden sat stunned, her eyes squinted in study. Vindicate the source, she muttered, feeling intrigued but stumped.

Hayden flipped a tarot card from the formation she had already laid out. The Page of Swords! she exclaimed. Her hands ran through her hair in frustration. I did the runes, the cards, consulted the ball and theyre all saying the same thing. Hayden rose up, circling the table. Hmm. Vindicate the source and it keeps showing an image of a young man.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722211
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published:
Publisher: Eternal Press

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