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Making the Ghost of It

Author(s): Kerri Nelson

Finding the perfect roommate can be a real challenge, but when you already share your home with a family of ghosts…it can be downright impossible.

When Avery Willow buys the old Jekyll Island Infirmary in hopes of restoring it and making a profit, she gets more than her money’s worth when she realizes that she shares the home with a myriad of ghosts from the past century. Now, she must deal with a constant parade of meddling spirits while trying to find a roommate and convince the sexy doctor next door that she’s not totally insane. In this spirited romance, Avery learns that sometimes the one thing you’re searching for has a way of finding you.


Riley Donovan had seen insanity before but it had never come in such an adorable package. He watched from his back porch as the woman next door swatted at gnats with a gloved hand. At first, he’d thought she was just fussing at the annoying little insects that were hovering around her face. Then, he’d seen her turn towards a seemingly invisible person and actually carry on a conversation.

He took small sips out of his glass of iced tea and watched her closely. Her small frame was crouched down on the ground as she tended to her flower bed and her long golden hair was pulled back from her face. Even from this distance, he could make out the particularly appealing shape of her nose and lips. She had a petite little frame but the attitude with which she spoke seemed to make her much larger.

He shook his head as a grin began to form on his own lips. He was getting a crush on the new neighbor and she was talking to thin air.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722525
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 12/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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