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Malevolent Dead

Author(s): Heather Kuehl

To save everyone, she’ll have to do the unthinkable.

Werewolf Sarah Vargas thought all she had to worry about was the Blood Moon Corporation's retaliation. She never dreamed that another vampire would arrive, disputing Damian's claim over the throne to Charleston, SC. To make matters worse, he is no ordinary vamp; he's a vampire necromancer. Exceptionally hard to kill, Sarah will have do whatever she can to keep those that she loves safe...


I growled, my hackles rising as I developed a plan. The last time I came up against a Necrovamp, it kept taking hits and never slowed down. Damian had said before that the only way to truly kill a Necrovamp was to destroy the necromancer that controlled it. That would be Marcellus.

“You aren’t my Phaedra,” he said as he released Stacy’s body and stood up. “You’re just some filthy Were. Kill her. Kill her now!”

Dom hissed as he sprang into the air and I braced myself for the impact. It felt like being hit with a Mac truck. Silver fangs tore into my flesh as we rolled, each of us trying to get the upper hand. The Necrovamps hung back, waiting to see if Dom would take care of the problem. Dez circled us as though he was some kind of wild cat, his fangs bared and his fingers curled into claws. His eerie blue eyes held concern though. He didn’t want to see me dead, but helping me would blow his cover.

I whined in pain as the silver fangs tore into my neck. Damn Dom and his love for silver. I’d scar from this. I locked my jaws around his shoulder, trying to maneuver him away from my neck without hurting him. At that moment Dez attacked.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722037
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 09/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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