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Milk Carton People

Author(s): Sally Franklin Christie

Milk Carton People is a paranormal thriller about people who suddenly find themselves invisible, able to observe things but unable to participate. Do they go mad? Maybe they find others. It is quite possible that there is no point in being invisible. This is a book that plays on the very thin line of sanity and pure despair. The characters act and react to the new challenges and the reader gets to go along for the ride.


Supposing I'm awake, supposing this is all real, why is it happening to me? Why were people ignoring me? Why were they playing tricks, what caused me to be the target of such a horrid prank?
She kept hoping for a white haired man in a baseball cap to come out and show her where the hidden camera was located. Then she hoped she was still asleep on the park bench so she could wake up and go about her day.
I'm going to wake up, now, and go about my day with my cup of coffee. By the time I get to work the whole thing will disappear like all dreams, I won't even remember it.
She turned away from the little tree and took a few steps down the sidewalk. She intended to turn back toward the book store again, to somehow retake control of her destiny. As if turning back would give everyone one more chance to tell her it was all in fun and she was such a good sport.
Just then, a woman in an electric blue colored coat, walked right into her.
"Excuse, me," Ruth began and stopped speechless. For one long, drawn out, slow motion, nightmare second, her vision was obscured by a brownish red filter that blurred everything before her, she felt hot, sticky and confined. A cloying odor made her gasp for clean air. At the same time Ruth heard a gurgling noise and a squeak and as the whole event suddenly ended she heard a plop like pudding falling from a spoon back into the bowl.
She felt physically ill as the woman in electric blue continued walking down the sidewalk without breaking stride.
Ruth turned and looked behind her, watching the woman in the electric blue coat disappear around the corner.
"No," Ruth said aloud with authority. "No," she repeated louder, hoping make it all go away. "This did not happen."
She walked to the nearest building and stood close to the cold bricks in the shadows.
I have to go home.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726080
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 02/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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