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Personal Demons

Author(s): Jay Lygon

Against his will, Sam Dewey, the God of Sex, is becoming famous, attending film festivals and award shows with the big time players. But it's his master Hector, the God of Love, who has the hardest time accepting it. When heart-throb movie star Harris Smith innocently kisses Sam for the cameras at a premiere, Hector goes into a jealous rage and humiliates Sam in front of Hollywood's power elite.

It isn't the first time Hector's done that, but Sam swears it will be the last. After Sam leaves him, Hector is finally forced to face the problems that drove them apart. Is it too late to change, or can Hector combat his personal demons and win Sam back?

With a cast of characters that includes a return of the Goddesses of Traffic and the Deal, Alberto, the new God of Fame, as well as Ophir and his boys, this sequel to Chaos Magic and Love Runes is sure to delight fans of the series and newcomers alike.


September was when the honeymoon ended. There were warning signs before then, of course, but as usual, I didn’t see them. Hector always said I floated along in a little bubble in my own fantasy world, willfully oblivious to what was going on around me. Maybe I did. In September, though, that bubble burst.

Sure, Hector and I had some rough patches before that. He could be a bit possessive, but he was working on it. At least he promised me he was, and that was good enough for me. Deep down, he had to know that I never wanted to be the God of Sex. It just happened. People were drawn to my power and before I could stop them, they were touching me or trying to lead me off to a secluded corner. That drove Hector insane. I don’t know. Maybe I could have tried harder to discourage them. My therapist kept saying I had a right to talk to anyone I wanted to, but the thing was that I didn’t want that kind of attention. If I could have wished my power away, I would have.

After Beltane, though, most of our troubles seemed past us. My new job as a film critic for Park Avenue Magazine was going well. Their checks came on time and didn’t bounce. That was pretty much my definition of a good writing gig. Hector had been the top salesman of oil drilling equipment for three years in a row and would probably do it again. Our friends were reasonably happy, except Brett, but his unhappiness was self-generated, so it was nothing new. My psycho-ex, Master Marcus, the God of Fear, seemed to have disappeared. My family finally met, and adored, Hector. Hector seemed satisfied that I’d finally grown up a bit. I was getting help for my depression. The mistakes I’d made had been forgiven. All the misunderstandings were cleared up. More importantly, I was back home with Hector. Life couldn’t have been any better for us.



Looking back, maybe July was when the fireworks began.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60370-664-3
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 03/25/2009
Publisher: Torquere Press

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