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Prey for the Wolf

Author(s): Kari Thomas

Bethany Garrett's brother is kidnapped by a group known as The
Hunters who make it their life mission to track down and kill
shapeshifters. The Hunters offer Bethany a deal for her brother's
life: Infiltrate the most dangerous group of wolf shifters known and
help destroy them. She's not prepared for the instant attraction she
feels for the alpha of the pack, Kane Steele. Now, not only is her
life in danger but also her heart and soul. Because once Kane finds
out the truth of why she's there, she doesn't stand a chance of living
very long. And Kane has her sited as his prey now. Bethany knows the
time for turning back was lost the minute she and Kane met. And she's
about to find out what it means when a wolf shifter tells her she's
his, no matter what happens in the following days of peril...
Excerpt:The big house was quiet, and she saw no one else around as
she walked into the dining room. Immediately the atmosphere changed
around her. It was noticeably tense. Charged. She stopped in the
doorway and instantly locked with Kanes hard stare. She almost forgot
to breathe.
He was stretched out in a lounging chair against the wall, his long
legs out in front of him and his arms folded at his chest. He appeared
relaxed but she acutely felt the odd tension radiating off him from
across the room. He reminded her of a predator just waiting to spring.
The thought struck her hard: Hes every bit the wolf he shifts into.
She couldnt explain to herself why that thought thrilled her, excited
her to hot, sensual awareness of him. She was distinctively aware of
every breath he took as he stared at her. For just a moment it felt as
though they breathed in unison. It was an erotic feeling shed never
experienced before. She caught her breath in a small gasp and broke
the pattern.
His thorough gaze traveled from the top of her had to her toes,
lingering in certain spots on her body. Invisible heat flowed over
her. She felt scorched and caressed at the same time.
Bethany took another deep breath and released it slowly. Hello, Kane.
He smiled, his lips curving in a tight slash before he answered. Bethany.
Was that all he was going to say? It was obvious he wasnt going to
make this situation any easier for her because she could see it in his
eyes. It was as though he was waiting for her to make the move that
would set this scene in motion. She just wished she knew what he
expected. She knew he wasnt happy with the engagement; hed already
made that perfectly clear. And shed heard him arguing with Ethan
after she had moved in earlier this afternoon. He didnt want her
here. Not for anything would she let him know how his resistance
bothered her. Not yet, anyway.
The strained silence lingered as she stood there in the dining room
doorway and they continued to stare at each other. She tried to think
of something to say to break the tension between them. Nice weather
were having, huh? Yeah, Bethany, she mentally chastised, that should
make him look at you with less disdain.
Kane suddenly stood and advanced on her. He walked slowly toward her,
holding her gaze captive. His glide was smooth and calculated. She got
the distinct impression he would look like that when he was stalking
prey. She shivered.She realized she was holding her breath and
gasped in a quick intake of air. Maybe Im that prey.

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Genre: Paranormal
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Publisher: Eternal Press

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