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Private Chronicles of the Paranormal

Author(s): Empress LaBlaQue

Many people believe ghosts are terrifying apparitions who evoke feelings of fear. My life held encounters that would spook most people. I taught school in a small farming community. Apparitions would visit me in an effort to communicate with the living. Over a period of time, I chronicled my encounters with the paranormal. Now, I'd like to share that experience with you.



On Valentines Day, the morning was all abuzz with excited children who prepared for the party that afternoon. They galloped toward the classroom dressed in red and white attire. As they bustled through the door, I gathered candy, snacks and cookies from the children.

After storing these items for later, I prepared to start class. The children were ecstatic and difficult to control. Anticipation electrified the air all around them. A few meaningful threats, intimidating glances, and class was gratefully underway.

About 8:45 a student, Tajani, sauntered into the classroom. Some children were often late, but she was not one of them. Tajanis father was with her too, or so I thought. I didnt see her father, but I saw his shadow just outside the door. I stopped teaching and asked him to come inside. If he needed to speak with me I didnt mind stopping my lesson.

When no one came inside, I walked towards the door to greet him. No one was there. Tajani, I asked, pointing toward the doorway, where is your father?

Tajani gazed at me with her large expressive eyes. He didnt get out of the car, she said, placing her backpack in her cubby. I know what I saw, and I saw the shadow of a large male hovering over this child.

Are you sure, Tajani?

She smiled weakly. Yes, Mrs. Young.

I stroked Tajanis back. You may take your seat, sweetheart.

Although I was bewildered, I had to get on with my lesson. Later that morning, I was able to tear myself away from the class long enough to go to the restroom. As I washed my hands I gazed into the mirror. I was startled when I perceived a large apparition wavering behind me. It came inside the door and hovered just to the right of me. Keeping the energy in sight, I dried my hands.

And who are you? I asked calmly, tossing the paper towel.

The apparition did not answer; it simply hovered; wavering toward my right side. I walked past the energy and returned to class.

When I returned Tajani was seated at her desk. She was a good natured child with an impish grin and curly hair. Most times, Tajanis was full of wisdom, logic and maturity. Then, there were times she behaved irrationally, like a very young child. But typically, Tajani was loving and thoughtful.

Tajani took great pains when doing her work. She proudly painted a Valentines Day card for her friends. Behind her, the unidentified energy hovered. Tajani finished her picture, smiled, and called to me. Do you like my picture, Mrs. Young? She held up the pink and red heart for my approval.

I monitored the energy as I spoke. Wow, what an excellent job. I love those colors.

Although, the energy wavering behind her, I continued light conversation. Tajani, who is going to get that lovely picture?

Her smile was brighter than ever. Its for you, surprise!

Many days Tajanis presence gave me strength. Nevertheless, each child was extraordinary in their own unique way.

That special picture was typical of Tajani. She was the epitome of Gods love.

While living in the moment, I was not compelled to go near, Tajani. Whoever it waswas not protecting her. Rather, it was very fond of her and trusted me completely.

That afternoon my children enjoyed a wonderful party. There were tasty sandwiches, delicious cookies, flavorful chips and holiday music. The children shared and read their Valentines Day Cards. Contagious smiles were everywhere.

That night I thought over the days events. I wondered who the apparition was and what it wanted.

For the next three days, Tajani was absent from school. Finally, I called her house to find out if she was sick. I discovered that Tajani was losing a close family member and the family was too fragmented to bring her to school.

Tajanis Papaw lived in the same house. He had been placed on hospice and funeral arrangements were being made. Little did they know, Tajanis Papaw was not bound by a sick host, he was already free and roaming about. He was able to do something he couldnt do in life, which was, play with his precious granddaughter.

Later, I learned that Tajani had spent every afternoon at her Papaws side. She read to him and showed him pictures she drew at school. I also learned that Tajani was her Papaws only grandchild. Because he married late in life he was of great age when she was born. His love for her was staggering.

On the evening Mr. Robertson passed away, his daughter called me. Mrs. Young, she said, tearfully. Dad is leaving now. Tajani wanted us to call you and let you know.

I was in a crowded nail salon. Several people were waiting to be served, including me. I held my cell phone to my ear. Im sorry to hear about your Dad. If theres anything I can do please let me know. Tajanis Mom went on with her conversation. Dad thought a lot of you, because you were Tajanis teacher.

Really, I said, gleefully. Im happy to know that. I picked up my purse and walked outside the salon.

She added, Dad always wanted to walk Tajani to class. She was his only grandchild, you know.

Oh, I said, holding the small cell phone closely to my ear. Yeah. When shed go to school he often said, he wished he could go to school with her.

Wow. My brows arched with interest. Really. In the back of my mind revelations started to take place. Mr. Robertson really did come to school to visit his granddaughter. As I recalled the visit, everything about that day fell into place.

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