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Raven's Mischief

Author(s): Carys Weldon

Sandy, Laney, and Maya, the princesses of their wolf pack, are forced to find ways to entertain themselves due to their sheltered existence. That's not an easy task for girls who can shift into human, lupine and crinos. But an innocent game of Truth or Dare has dire consequences, and Sandy is introduced to both Raven's Mischief, a bitter potion, and Brandon, her handsome rescuer.
Raven is a trickster, and things heat up fast with his elixir in the mix. Too well, in fact, as Brandon finds himself in a compromising position with her sister...both of them. As if things weren't complicated enough, their father, alpha of the pack, makes an arrangement that could break all of their hearts.
Like all princesses, love can be a luxury. Can three wild sisters find their soul mates, or must they do what's best for the pack?


“Gaia. I hate being single.” Laney tucked some hair behind her ear. It didn’t stay, so she had to tuck it again and hold it, letting her fingers curl around the tips. “How do you stand it?”
“I hook up from time to time, and get out some of the frustration. Sex can really loosen you up.” Which was a total lie. There wasn’t a man in the pack that Sandy had two words for, except maybe Nik.
Laney turned in her chair, shocked to hear Sandy make even a snide joke about being sexually active.
“But, I’m telling you...” Sandy added, “A run or hunt is a more worthwhile pursuit. You’re better off single than stuck with an asshole.”
“You’re a cynic.”
“I’m a realist.” Sandy readjusted in her chair, tucking her feet underneath. “And you will be, too. There’s a reason we’re called bitches, Hon, and it’s the men we deal with. There isn’t one you can depend on. They’ll use you, abuse you, tear your heart out, and ignore you when you most want their attention.”
“I can’t hear you,” Laney covered her ears and sing-songed, “La-la-la-la.”
Sandy rolled her eyes and opened her book up again. “Shut up. I can’t read with you doing that.”
The instant messenger popped up on the computer screen accompanied with a beep, snagging Laney’s attention. It said: “IT’S A DEAL.”
Laney’s mouth clamped shut immediately. She tipped her head sideways, confused for a second. Then, she noted that it wasn’t her IM, it was her father’s. She hadn’t even noticed it running.
“Hey, take a look at this.” Laney read the origination information on the message that had taken over the monitor, flashing. “There’s an instant message from a guy named Soren down in Arizona. He’s made some kind of deal with Daddy.”
“What sort of deal?”
“Let me look at the log.” A second later, Laney squeaked, “This Soren guy is trading males for females.”
“You’ve got to be kidding.” Sandy couldn’t get over to the screen fast enough. “You shouldn’t have looked. Miff will have your hide.” She patted her on the back. “I’ll back you up, though, like you did me. So, you’re good to go.”
Laney grunted. “I couldn’t help it. It popped up and said ‘It’s a deal.’ I got curious.” Laney read through the details and groaned, “You will not believe this.”
“He’s send one of us.”
“Oh, hell no.” Sandy pushed Laney out of the way and read it herself.
A second later, Laney pushed back, gaining control of the keyboard. With gazes narrowed, and frowns on their faces, they read the whole agreement together, scrolling down, poring over each clause of the contract that was spelled out. For all their talk about wanting him to arrange marriage contracts, it had never occurred to Laney or any of her sisters that Miff would set something up outside of Alaska.
“It’s archaic,” Sandy grunted halfway through it. “I will not be traded off cow. We are not in the dark ages.”
“Could have fooled me. Wait. It doesn’t say which daughter,” Laney pointed out, “Just one of his daughters, guaranteed fertile, too. That leaves you out. There’s pictures received.” Laney tapped a couple of keys, pulling the pictures up. “Maybe he’s been listening to you after all. He’s trading one of us for a guardian.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-209-5
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 01/01/2014
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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