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Spell of Passion

Author(s): Shelly Turner

Emily has no choice but to try and escape the deception that tortures her soul. After she finds out that her husband cheated on her and to beat it all, with her only living relative, her sister. She flees in attempt to escape the heartache, but doesn't get far before the world around her spins and leaves her a fallen woman amongst the darkness.

Jax is tired of the centuries of loneliness. Emily is his last hope for sanity--for love. If only he could convince her that she is meant to be with him will he have a future.

Will his powers become his enemy, or will they reel him into a seductive spell of passion?



"Emily, wait! I'll make it up to you. Come back!" His voice reverberated in her ears. She wanted to stop, to give him a second chance. She loved him, how could she not after the seven year relationship? Her feet wouldn't allow her to stand still. She ran through the small two bedroom shack. Everything that she and she alone had worked for meant nothing.

Darkness surrounded her. The only lighting was from the moon that illuminated the small towns abandoned streets. The scent of the cool night air burnt her lungs and dried the tears on her cheeks.

Emily's body shook with sobs. Her feet ached from the two hour run. The territory was no longer familiar. Deep wooded areas surrounded both sides of the street. She jumped, as a deep hungry howl sounded into the night. Fear quickly replaced her sadness. She stared dumbfounded into the darkness. How could she not have known where she was? She had been traveling the streets of the town for ten years. How was that possible?

Everything became blurry. Trees swayed, the ground shifted, even the sky was spinning. Emily collapsed on to the concrete street. All became dark. No trees, no Cal, no sorrow, just a deep dark void.

The room whirled as she raised her head. The light was searing, sending sharp pains through her head.

"Where am I? Who are you?" Her voice was no more than a murmur. Anxiety flooded through her.

The man wore a deep blue suit. His eyes were large and deep brown. He had short, feathered black hair that was neatly trimmed just below his earlobes. His full lips curved into a gentle smile.

Emily viewed him as harmless, but her instincts demanded her not to trust this man. Panic filled her. Why didn't she want to trust him? Did they know each other? The scariest question of all, who was she?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-465-2
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 11/12/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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