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The Werewolf Code

Author(s): Julia Talbot

Kasey and Deke make a pretty good living as private detectives, even for a
werewolf and a vampire. They know they have trouble when a tall blonde shows
up, asking them to keep tabs on her cheating husband. Kasey knows the woman
is lying, but they have no idea what they're getting themselves into.
When the cheating hubby turns out to be a genetic mutant with some unusual
talents, it will take all of Kasey's with and skill, and all of Deke's
strength to keep them alive and keep the danger under wraps. Can Deke and
Kasey save the day and finally get some time to themselves?

"I got him in my sights, baby," Deke said, training his binoculars on the
guy sitting in the coffee shop, smiling at some little chick with blue hair.
"I tell you what, he's chatting this girl up and she's eating it with a
Sucked to be their client, if she really was worried about her hubby
cheating on her. This guy was smooth, smiling and touching, the little girl
just wiggling in her chair, all but panting for him.
"Yeah? Well, if they were married, he'd be cheating, but they're not," Kasey
murmured in his ear, the sound of typing loud enough to tell him that his
partner and favorite fuck-buddy was earning his pay.
"Wait. What?" He lowered the binoculars. "The mark and the job aren¹t
"Nope. I've searched every database there is. No license."
"Huh. So she's lying to us." All clients lied at some point, but since this
particular one claimed they were following her husband because she thought
he was cheating on herŠ
Well. Maybe it was time to renegotiate the fee.
"I'm coming in." Deke tossed the binocs aside like they hadn't cost a couple
thousand dollars and fired up the T-Bird.
"I'll be waiting, lover. We need a vacation."
The phone clicked off, and Deke tossed it aside just like the binoculars,
lighting up a cigarette. He hated it when a client lied to him about why he
was out there doing surveillance. It almost always meant something

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1-60370-301-2
Date Published: 03/08/2008
Publisher: Torquere Press

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