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Trials by Fire and Ice

Author(s): K.T. Aphrodisia

After centuries of being transformed into the immortal ice queen, Glacia was losing all feeling. There was no pleasure, no pain, nothing, just an endless mindnumbing cold. Her magic was too powerful to be contained by her mortal body and she had a limited time before it would overtake her, and she would become cursed to become a living statue frozen in time and space. Forever. Glacia must travel to the land of fire, to find the one person that can warm her flesh, and her cold heart, facing the trials of the Hawaiian fire goddess Pele and her brother the god of steam, Kunupa. (Interracial romance)


Trials by Fire and Ice
by K.T. Aphrodisia

Chapter 1

She was once mortal. That was her problem. She kept her mortal form and now her powers had grown too great for her physical body. Too powerful for her to control, the winter storm that she commanded was now in her very touch, numbing her skin and any feeling she felt. She couldnt feel anymore. There was no pain, but there was no pleasure in not feeling. She was too cold inside. She could feel nothing but the never ending coldness that surrounded her. That was the price she paid for her immortality and for being the Ice Queen.

Absentmindedly, she ran her fingers over the metal amulet she wore.

If only she had not accepted it that day, if only she had chosen another path. Things would be so different now. In a fit of sudden rage she pulled it from her neck and threw it across the room. But removing the amulet did not take away this weakness. She had tried it before. If only she had made another choice, she would not be the monster she was today. Her vision clouded and she wiped at her eyes, finding a tear on the tip of her finger. Fascinated, she watched as the drop of water hardened into ice. She dropped the glasslike pearl to the black marble tile, and smashed it beneath her sharp heels.

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Genre: Paranormal
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Publisher: Hot Tropica Books

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