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Unicorn And The Virgin, The

Author(s): Missy Lyons

Bailey the unicorn watched Clay grow up over the years, and as hard as he tried to ignore the innocent farm boy, it was impossible to not notice the young man’s body blossom into manhood.

Clay was ready for his first sexual experience and within mating age, making Bailey ready to risk everything to explore the forbidden union between the human and unicorns. Bailey craved to feel his cock sink into the man’s virgin ass even if it might mean losing himself and his magic to do it.

Bailey can resist no longer when the young virgin goes for a morning swim. Nude.

Bailey looked at him, waiting to see if Clay would have the courage to approach a unicorn. He was rewarded with his patience as the man rose from the water, revealing his gorgeous nude body to his eyes, drops of water rolled off his rippling muscles hardened by menial labor. The water glistened on his skin under the sunlight as Clay walked slowly towards Bailey.

Bailey didn’t breathe. He didn’t dare move lest he frighten the young man away. Electricity charged the air around him and when the man was a step away, they stopped to stare at each other.

Clay reached out a hand slowly and then hesitated. Bailey closed the distance, nuzzling into his hand. 

“I can’t believe I am touching you. May I touch your horn?”
Clay may as well have said, Can I touch your cock? Because the words had the same effect on Bailey and he felt his cock grow painfully hard under the man’s soft touch. Bailey was so ready for this. He had been waiting a lifetime to have the man under him.

Bailey dropped his head so the man could reach his spiral horn. All his magic was in that horn. He trusted Clay enough to let him have this kind of power over him and more. The man in front of him didn’t crave power, or lust for wealth. He would never hurt him to take his horn or hunt him like the other humans. Clay was innocent in all things of the world, but especially sex.

Oh, how Bailey wanted to educate him in that area.

Clay reached for the horn and wrapped his fingers around the hard surface. Bailey’s magic grew stronger, and the light from within the horn grew brighter. It shimmered on the water and the magic pulsed like a thunderclap around them both.

“What the hell?” Clay whispered but he didn’t draw back.

The change was immediate. One minute Bailey was a unicorn and the next he was human. Bailey was happy to notice Clay’s intense interest in his lower anatomy. “You have set me free, Clay.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0211-7
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 09/06/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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