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Whispering Lake

Author(s): Jessica Coulter Smith

One hot werewolf. One determined ghost. And a woman with a choice...

Cole is secretly a werewolf... will Cassie be able to handle the truth? More importantly, will Cole be able to handle Cassie's psychic abilities?

Will she choose the hottest werewolf of all, or the ghost of her dreams?


Cassie woke up in a cold sweat, heart pounding and gasping for breath.  She’d been gifted with the sight – able to see ghosts and occasionally she would get premonitions through her dreams.  This one had scared her more than most did.

“Shhh, it’s okay.  You just had a bad dream,” a deep masculine voice soothed, strong arms wrapping around her body.

Cassie looked up into Matt’s strong, handsome face.  How many nights had he helped her through horrifying dreams?  He was her best friend and she wasn’t sure what she would do without him.

“It seemed so real,” she whispered, resting her head on his shoulder, enjoying the comfort his strength lent her.

“I’m sure it did, but you’re safe and sound in your bed at home.  Nothing is going to harm you,” he assured her softly.

Cassie nodded her head, but wasn’t quite ready to go back to sleep worried the dream would return.  Having Matt’s arms around her was something of a dream come true and she wanted to revel in it just a moment longer. 

“Thank you for being here,” she murmured.

Matt chuckled softly in her ear. “Where else would I go?  I can think of no one I’d rather haunt.”

Closing her eyes, Cassie laid back down with a slight smile on her face.  Opening her eyes, she realized Matt had disappeared.  Sighing, she rolled to her side and tried to go back to sleep, ignoring the ache she felt inside whenever he was near.

Being in love with a ghost sucked.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1448645565
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 08/01/2009
Publisher: JCS Books

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