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Xantu Challenge

Author(s): Pamela T. Blackwood

Sara has had the same dream for years. Either the black wolf is chasing her or she's chasing the wolf. It always ends the same--she wakes up, terrified, certain she's about to die.
After a weekend romp with the wealthy, gorgeous Bryan Hodges, Sara finds herself quickly dismissed, like yesterday's garbage. Hurt, she isn't sure if she should accept Bryan's apology, delivered by his personal assistant, the oh-so-sexy Elliott Hunter. Worse, just like her dream, she discovers someone--or something--is watching her. Waiting. And when she's attacked, she realizes it isn't just one wolf, but many. A clan.
A battle is beginning and Sara is at the heart of it. A line has been crossed and she doesn't know which side she's on--and who's on the other side. They want her, the wolves. She needs help, allies in this battle for survival. Who can she trust? Bryan or Elliott?
What she discovers about herself will change her world forever.


Taking one last look in the mirror, she nodded and stood up. “I think so, thanks to you. By the way, where are you taking me?”
Elliott’s gaze dropped to her backside. “Hang on. You’ve got a string.”
She turned her back to the mirror to look at it while he drew a small pocketknife from his jeans. To her complete shock, it was a switchblade. It snapped open, and the string was gone before she could even comment on it.
“It’s a surprise,” he said, tucking the knife back in his pocket.
Her gaze lifted to his. “What?”
“Where I’m taking you.” Elliott grasped her hand and pulled her toward the stairs. “It’s a surprise. You’ll just have to wait until we get there.”
Her brow furrowed. “Well, don’t you…”
The lights flickered, then went out.
Elliott moved lightning-fast. Pressing her flush against the wall, he bent to her ear. Warm breath spiraled across her skin, sending chills up her back.
“Don’t move,” he whispered.
She didn’t, for several seconds. But nothing else happened. The house was dark and quiet, and it didn’t sound as though anyone was trying to break in.
So, a moment later, she let her hands come up to rest on his biceps.
He didn’t pull back right away, which gave her an opportunity to feel the dips and bulges of his strong body. Lord, the man was hot. Even through their clothes, she felt it. He simply radiated pure sexual heat. His jasmine and spice scent was drugging, addictive. She leaned closer, curious to know if his skin smelled like that, or if it was something else. Inhaling, she took his scent deep into her body.
He smelled so good that she couldn’t help herself. Closing her eyes, she leaned closer and ever so gently rubbed her cheek against his bicep. Then—and she knew this was rude and utterly inappropriate, but she couldn’t help that, either—she kissed his bicep.
Elliott reacted when she did that. His breath stopped for scant seconds, his head still close to hers. Strands of hair teased her skin. So close. So hot.
She waited, every muscle in her body tense. Embarrassed now, she couldn’t move. Thank goodness the lights were out. She knew by the heat in her cheeks she was blushing.
“Do you like the way I taste?” he asked, his voice low, hushed. He turned his head so that his breath fanned her neck.
Oh, God. She took in a sharp breath. “Yes.”
Silence. One minute passed, then two.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I should have better control over myself.”
More silence. Shit.
“I’d best discover why the lights went out. Bryan would be seriously pissed if anything happened to you,” he said at last, raising his head. “Wouldn’t want that.”
“No, we wouldn’t. Thank you,” she agreed softly.
Each muscle rippled as he slowly distanced himself from her. “Any time, Sara. You have only to ask and it’s yours. Anything you wish…yours…”
Sara couldn’t move. Elliott’s words stunned her. Anything
Her mind reeled at the thought.
He moved silently to the bathroom window and peered through the blinds. A soft orange glow lit up his pale eyes, which meant the streetlights were still on outside.
“Looks like everyone else still has power.” His gaze swung to hers. “I want you to stay here.”
Sara shook her head, chasing away the spell he’d woven around her. “Not a chance. This is my house. I’m going with you.” She reached out into the darkness for his arm and, finding it, followed it down to his hand.
His fingers clamped around hers first.
“At least stay behind me, then. Will you do that for me?” he asked softly.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-014-5
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 08/05/2013
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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