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Zero Cemetery Lane

Author(s): Cricket Sawyer

During the renovation of an old sprawling log home into a bed and breakfast, Nicole discovers that her new dwelling offers more than just a haunting glimpse into its past. A sexual encounter with a ghost currently occupying a room previously owned by the mysterious Ambrosia leads Nicole into a world of the supernatural. Was it Adam who made love to her that night or was it something else?



My thoughts rush madly back to me like scurrying squirrels searching for buried nuggets of their winter's store. Thoughts of Martin, Phillip, and forever Adam. Ah, sweet Adam. If only I had left with you. Even yet, I can feel your hands warm, caressing my feverish body, aching with desire for you. Your kisses still linger on my bosoms. The flitter of your tongue, teasing causing the hard nub of my want to become evident in the deep reaches of my inner being. The dampness of my need spreading between my hungry thighs. But, who would have watched over my girls, those who could never leave? Choices, life hands us so many choices. We need only choose but one, and sometimes, in these moments a tiny regret creeps in. Ah, but it pales eventually.

For anyone reading this I feel a need to explain. Ambrosia is nectar of the gods. Not my real name, but a name I chose for myself. My real name if anyone cares was Mavis Garnet. Who would presume to name their child Mavis, a cruel punishment for a woman to bear? I could not believe I would hear Adam in the throes of passion moaning Mavis. No, better Ambrosia, or as he sometimes called me Ruby, because of my flaming hair. In the red throb of heated love, any of them was a better choice than Mavis.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-443-0
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 10/15/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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