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Finding Jason

Author(s): Lyndi Lamont

When Jason Huxley, Regency dandy and man-about-town, acquires a new valet, he finds himself fighting the unnatural inclinations he thought he’d outgrown.

Alfred Threadgill lost his first lover at Waterloo, but now wrestles with his desire for his new employer. He suspects that finding Jason could be the best thing that ever happened to him.

But first Jason must find himself...


...Jason knew the battle had been lost. He could no longer ignore his desire for Threadgill. No, Alfred. It seemed odd to think of a man he desired by his last name. He reached up to touch Alfred’s face, running the tip of one finger along the man’s cheek. When Alfred licked his lips, Jason’s gaze was drawn to his mouth, to that full lower lip he’d longed to taste.


Jason sighed and stepped back, his hand falling to his side. “I beg your pardon. I do not know what came over me. You must think I have lost my mind.”

“No, sir. I want the same thing.”

He dropped his gaze to his groin, and Jason looked down to see the tent pole under Alfred’s towel.

Jason smiled ruefully. “I can see you do.”

Alfred laughed and broke into a smile, revealing deep dimples on each side of his mouth.

“You should smile more often,” Jason remarked. “Show off your dimples.”

Alfred grimaced. “Good reason not to smile. My mum always said those dimples was too pretty for a man.”

“Not at all,” Jason said. “I find you intriguingly masculine.” He stepped closer and traced the groove in Alfred’s cheek, savoring the slight stubble. “Definitely masculine,” he whispered. “After all, you bear the mark of war on your body.”

He moved his hand to the ugly scar on Alfred’s shoulder. “You were grievously wounded, were you not?”

Alfred nodded. “Saber wound. Never got the strength back in that arm.”

“Yes, Michael told me.”

“That’s when I became his batman. Not fit for duty.”

Jason glanced down before saying, “You look fit enough for what I have in mind.”

Alfred laughed again and Jason darted in to press a kiss to one of Alfred’s dimples before it disappeared.

Alfred grabbed Jason’s shoulders and pulled him closer, kissing him back with fervor. Jason opened his mouth to taste the questing tongue. He wrapped his arms around Alfred’s middle, pulling him closer.

Jason ran his hands over the strong, smooth muscles of Alfred’s back, still cool and slightly damp from his bath. When he felt cloth, he tugged at it until the towel fell to the floor. Jason cupped the firm muscles of Alfred’s arse and rubbed against him. They were both hard as pikestaffs now.

Gasping for air, Jason broke the kiss and sank to his knees, pulling Alfred with him. He reached between them to encircle Alfred’s cock with his fingers. Alfred moaned and thrust into his hand.

“Easy, lad.” Jason scooted back a few inches to savor the sight of Alfred’s nude body. Except for the ugly scar on his shoulder, he had a beautiful body, leanly muscled and manly, with broad shoulders, narrow hips and strong thighs. Jason trailed one hand over Alfred’s chest, grazing the erect nipples, while the other continued to caress his hardened shaft. Alfred sucked in a breath, the muscles of his belly tensing.

Jason smiled at the effect his touch had. He moved his hand slowly down the smooth skin of Alfred’s cock, then back up to the base of the head.

Alfred cupped the back of Jason’s head and pulled him close for another kiss. Their tongues dueled as Jason increased both pressure and rhythm. He lengthened the strokes to cover the head and felt beads of moisture on the tip. When Alfred thrust again, Jason increased the pressure, while using his free hand to caress his sac. Alfred gripped Jason’s shoulders as he climaxed, spurting his seed into Jason’s hand.

When his breathing slowed, Alfred pulled Jason closer for another kiss, more tender and less urgent this time. Jason held him close, feeling the beating of their hearts.

When Alfred reached for the buttons on his waistcoat, Jason stayed his hand. “What are you about?”

Alfred looked him in the eye and said, “I would see you naked.”

The demand was not as shocking as the fact Alfred had made it. He was bolder than Jason had anticipated.

“I’d never hurt you,” Alfred assured him.

“I believe that,” Jason said. “I saw how tenderly you cared for Michael toward the end. I know you are capable of great loyalty.” The question was whether he was deserving of Alfred’s trust. But his erection was nearly unbearable now and he ached for release. He shrugged out of his waistcoat and pulled his shirt over his head.

Alfred pushed Jason back, until he was reclining on his lower arms. He watched as Alfred expertly unbuttoned his pantaloons and tugged them down and off. Alfred took Jason’s shaft and stroked it with one hand, making Jason’s balls tighten. With the other hand, Alfred eased back the foreskin and caressed the head with one finger. Pure need shot through Jason and he trembled.

Then, to Jason’s shock, Alfred lowered his head and took Jason’s cock in his mouth, sucking on the tip...

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-59279-618-2
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 08/07/2014
Publisher: Amber Quill Press

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