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A Taste of Italy

Interntional Love: Book 1

Author(s): K.T. Bishp

Grayson ''Netz'' West risked everything for an NBA career and his plan backfired. A professional team from Rome, Italy offered him a contract and he jumped at the chance.

Giovanna Francoiza, the team's attorney, falls in love with the basketball superstar. The only thing on Netz's mind is a return to the NBA, not a lovesick female. Giovanna must find a way to capture his heart.


Giovanna pinned up her hair and donned glasses before they began contract talks in the living room. She unveiled a glossy green and white chart for two million euro a year via two, three and five year contracts. She encouraged him to do two years.

Netz shook his head and threw the chart into the kitchen. “The money’s great, but I want one year. I may not like it.  If not, I can get the hell out of there. You don’t want an unhappy me on your hands.”

The Italian attorney made a suggestion. “I think you should sleep on this and we come back tomorrow.”

Giovanna, whose forehead dripped sweat, called her father, Santiago Francoiza from the guestroom. She spoke slowly. “Daddy this guy's in love with himself. He wants only one year with us.”

Santiago, who owned the Rome franchise, encouraged Giovanna to handle the business. “You'll make the right decision no matter what. I trust you.”

“Thank you daddy, see you soon.”

Giovanna chose her hormones over judgment and gave Netz a one-year deal worth two million Euros.

“You were right. A year's enough for you. Our first line of business is to assure our player’s happiness.”

While Netz signed the offer sheet, Giovanna remained professional. “You'll have fun in Rome, Mr. West.”

Before she headed back to Rome, Netz treated her to dinner at Captain Kidd's. She gulfed down the fried fish and deep battered, fried hush puppies as they ate on a patio amid white sandy beaches and blue ocean water.

She narrowed her eyes onto his slender frame as he placed her luggage on the rack to get checked in at the airport. “Thank you for a wonderful time.”

Netz gripped her hand and expressed gratitude. “I appreciate your team giving me a shot.”

A huge smile flashed upon her face. “Look forward to seeing you in Rome.”

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Date Published: 09/12/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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