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A Wolf At Her Door

Author(s): Jasmine Aherne

A Wolf At Her Door by Jasmine Aherne
A Spellbound Treasure novella
erotic paranormal holiday werewolf romance
novella (approximate length 33000 words)
Release Date 12/05/2013

When Gwen wished for a hero to help save her sanctuary, she never expected tough, sexy stranger Rohan to show up at her door.  Rohan is a natural with animals, and even helps to protect her home from vandals who would destroy what she’s worked for.

But this man hides secrets that she senses she’ll find in the golden eyes of the wolf she keeps dreaming of. Can Gwen entrust Rohan with saving the lives of the animals she loves, and even more dangerously, can she entrust him with her heart?


She looked around her sparse but homey kitchen. No Christmas touches had been added. Gwen had a pitiful box of decorations, but didn’t feel much like putting them up. Who would see them? Only her. She had friends that visited occasionally, but, she thought, feeling a guilty pang hit her stomach, the demands of her shelter had meant that her friendships had mostly fallen by the wayside. She’d managed to hang on to Lil by some miracle.

Her gaze hovered by the telephone by the back door. She should meet up with some friends before Christmas.

For what? Her mind chastised her. No presents to give them, not even enough money to share a meal out. You need it for your bills.

She hugged herself, annoyed and sad all at the same time.

Maybe she should have accepted Lil’s offer of help. Her friend always seemed to be OK for money. But her pride, unbendable and stronger than any other need, stopped her from asking for a hand out.

Just have to pray that one of the venues I wrote to agrees to let me host a fundraiser and accepts a heavily reduced fee.  It was the season, after all.

But this late in the season, who would be free to attend? She’d have to be a bloody miracle worker to create space in the diaries of busy city types.

Trying to take her mind off it, Gwen made herself some muesli. As she stood by the window, eating robotically, not really tasting the oats and fruit, it started to snow, tiny little flakes drifting down from the grey sky.

She peered out at the land. That’s all she needed. More cold weather to make her heating bills higher. Sometimes she seriously thought about jacking the whole thing in and getting a normal job where she got to sit in a nice warm office and where she didn’t have to worry about bills and feeding more mouths every month.

But she loved animals. Caring for the ones no one else wanted was her dream – her heart’s calling.

Telling herself to suck it up and get on with it, she had just started to wash her bowl when a shape on the horizon caught her attention. The whipping wind and the sudden onset of heavier flakes of snow made visibility poor, but if she strained –

A man. A man at the end of her drive.

She checked the mint green clock that hung over the back door. It could be the postman, but this man looked very tall and very broad. Dark haired. He looked unshaven.

Like the man in my dream.

Gwen shook her head at herself. “Grow up. It was just a dream that showed me I need to get laid more,” she told herself scathingly. As if that was going to happen any time soon.

She hovered closer to the door as he approached the hammered-in sign that advertised her animal shelter. Perhaps he had an animal to dump by her door and thought she wouldn’t see him, with the hour being early.

Well. He wouldn’t get away so easily. She would confront him. People deserved to feel the weight of abandoning a pet they had once claimed to love. She loved animals but could ill afford another, and planned to ask him for a donation if he came bearing a cat or dog which would need feeding and, probably, a vet’s care. She did get reduced vet’s fees because of all the business she put their way, but it still cost.

Forgetting that she wore only her sleep leggings and an old scarlet jumper that had a hole in the shoulder, and that she still had ridiculous bed hair, Gwen threw open the door, ready to confront him.

Her heart leapt straight into her mouth.

The man from her dream had somehow materialised. She pressed a hand to her chest. It couldn’t be—

After long seconds feeling as if her legs were made from elastic bands, Gwen mentally slapped herself. So you dreamt about a man who looks like this guy—so what? There are billions of people in the world. She had probably drawn the man’s likeness from a hot actor or something. As she studied him, she mused that he did resemble a famous superhero actor, with his unkempt dark hair and the wild, rugged look about him.

Rugged and hot. He had a sort of rough and tumble cowboy look about him. A humorous old saying popped into her head. Save a horse, ride a cowboy. This one certainly looked as if he’d be a handful.

He wore jeans and a checkered shirt under a thick winter coat. Black boots that looked worn covered his feet. As he came over she saw that he held nothing, but carried a backpack on his left shoulder.



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Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 12/05/2013
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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