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Aidan's Story

Lifestyle Series

Author(s): Kissa Starling

Aidan's most precious possession is Ginger, his wife and darling pet. They share the joys of swinging and their love of sex and food combine to make quite the food fetish. A routine exam reveals something that could change the way they live, love and play. Follow along as this couple faces traumatic news the hard way- together.



Ginger hustled into the kitchen, naked and dripping from the shower. I bent down to lick the top of her right breast. “Missed a spot, darlin’.”

Her quiet giggle brightened my day. “You lay down and open that towel, missy. We have work to do.”

My pet hefted herself onto the granite countertop and flipped the white cotton away from her tanned skin. She wore only her collar and looked sexy as hell. I removed a bowl of ice from the freezer and set it down beside her right thigh. “Relax, sugar.”

I hit add a minute on the microwave. The ice chilled my fingers so I knew it would work on her. I rubbed the frozen liquid across her flaccid nipple. She pushed her chest toward me. My hand crossed the valley between her tits stopping long enough to melt part of the ice on her birthmark. She rocked back and forth with her chest, pressing her tits together and moaning the entire time.

Ginger’s nipples rose to form perfect peaks of sexiness. Back and forth I went, freezing the nipple, areola and surrounding area. The chocolate came out of the microwave too warm so I continued my ministrations in the ridge beneath her tits until the ice cubes melted completely. A local sign crossed my mind, Boiled Nuts, Cold Melons. So appropriate to my little experiment.

“Close your eyes and breath, pet.” I used a white, rubber spatula to spread the cocoa concoction all over her frozen parts. If I worked too slowly the chocolate would harden too fast and the candy clumped if I spread it too quickly. Within a few minutes I had my pet’s tits completely covered, including the in-between valley. Afterwards I sprinkled chocolate down her belly and around the opening to her delicious pussy. My sweet tooth wanted to stick some inside but last time I did that she got an infection. I hated limits but this one I’d have to stick to.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0047-2
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 04/21/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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