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Angel B.E.T.

Author(s): Carys Weldon

DeAnna, a cy-droid human in post third world war America, needs to get control of her remote control. Genius-rated scientist Adrian helps her outsmart NatDef, but can he get them out safely?


There on the up-close face viewer, he looked like a little boy, unsure of which way to go. The thin lines radiating from the corners of his eyes Kissable. And so were his lips, now that her gaze wandered down over his profile.
She wanted to reach out to him, promise him that she’d shred the test answers after she went through them, if only he promised to tell his true feelings. But she knew she couldn’t. She’d be staring at his answers and these tapes for months. Well, three months, anyway. That’s all she had before... She put that out of mind, but the thought weaseled its way back in. Before you die again.
She had one hope in the world, but it was so small, she didn’t dare dwell on it too much.
Adrian moved to the next question, making a pen dot beside it, holding his place that way. What eye color do you prefer to look at?
He mumbled, "I like to look at myself in the mirror. To remember who I am. My eyes are blue." He glanced over at the mirror, almost as if he could see her, and stared for a minute. Long enough for her to really get a look at those baby blues straight on.
She repeated softly, "To remember who you are."
It seemed profound. She understood what he meant, too. Her eyes were just about the only thing on her that looked the same as before the...accident. And even they were different, really. She could see better out of them. No need for corrective lenses.
Adrian went back to studying his test. His profile, strong, handsome, was very attractive, DeAnna decided. She liked what she saw, and she couldn’t—-wouldn’t—-deny it.
Everything about him. Tall, broad-framed. What wasn’t to like about that? Dark, curly black hair. Sharp blue eyes. Nice features.
Nothing too prominent. No bulb, hook or beak nose. His ears didn’t flap out like an elephant’s, nor did they look elfish or deformed in some other way. His lips were nicely shaped, not too big or too small. His chin had enough firmness and shape to be strong, but not stupid looking.
Oh, yes. She liked what she saw...immensely. And for the first time since she’d been revived, she felt a tingle in her center. DeAnna leaned back, just for a second, closing her eyes, whispering, "Thank you, God."
She wanted to jump up and dance. She wasn’t dead any more.
In fact, she felt a bit of moisture slipping from her body. Her newly liposucted and plastic-surgery-sculptured, completely made-over body. A third of her was missing—-mostly from her saddlebag area. They’d even lasered off her moles and freckles. There wasn’t a blemish on her body that she could see.
The tingle swirled inside her again as she watched Adrian under hooded lids. And before long, she couldn’t resist reaching down, ever so lightly, to touch herself.
For the first time ever, she appreciated the out-of-lab regulation clothing that the complex offered. Women of certain sizes, now hers, were given short dresses. Extremely short.
To make for easy sexual access?
Ahhh.A little pressure there, on her clit, felt good. For the first time in forever—-maybe two lifetimes—-it felt like she could actually find release. Like...she was so close.
Watching him as he rolled his shoulders forward, hunching over the paper, she admired his rippling muscles. The tight men’s jumpsuit displayed every physical attribute, hugging every contour. Under the table, his free hand went to his cock and balls. He squeezed the bulge.
She noted that he was to the physical urges section. She didn’t know where the next thought came from, but she wanted him, desperately, to expose himself. To show her what he had.
Liquid definitely trickled from her, wetting her fingers. She decided that her crotch was about the only thing they hadn’t messed with. It felt completely the same…except now it was working. She groaned. Knowing the company, they probably hot-wired her down there, too.
Why now? Why at the sight of him?

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Genre: Science Fiction
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Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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