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Because of Alessandro

Sweet Surrender

Author(s): Ann Starr

After an absence of three years Angela was back to claim Alessandro. But he was engaged to another and about to become a father. Fate brought them together and then circumstances ripped them apart.

A couple years later, Alessandro is unattached, yet a rock sparkles on Angela’s finger. He wants her, leaving him only one option. If she were pregnant she had to marry him. And he is willing to do anything to keep her and make her his.     


Angela stilled and went rigid when she saw Alessandro. Why was he standing there? Questions barraged her nonstop. Antonio’s arm came protectively around her waist, and she leaned into him as if drawing strength from him when she heard his slow whisper that made her blood clot and her body run cold. The four words she’d never forget. Four little words that changed her future, her happiness. Words that shook the foundation of her life to the core. For those words, and what they implied at that moment, changed everything. Her jubilation turned to uncertainty, turning into anguish. Life seeped from her as if someone sucked it from her ever so slowly. She went still, waiting for the battle to commence. Not even a leaf moved in the warmth of the night. A stony silence filled with baited breath. All her senses where hyper-alert for what was to follow. She knew, without hesitation, it would destroy everything she held dear.


Her heart stuttered, unsure, wondering if it should continue to beat or what to expect.

“I’m so sorry. I wanted to tell you on our way to the village…”

The words were meant as a foreboding and repentance. But for what exactly? Angela was right. Something bad was going to happen. Had already happened. And it involved Alessandro. She wanted to tear herself away. To run for cover and hide or escape, for if she did, whatever was going to happen could then be denied, but she pressed on. Her legs lost their strength. Her heart seemed to beat outside her chest at heartbreaking speed. Her mind reeled, then fell over a precipice. She couldn’t bear what he would say next, but she had to know. She braced herself for a fatal blow she knew was coming.

“Tell me what?” The words choked her. Her throat bone dry. She looked from Antonio to Alessandro, her voice urgent, questioning. She didn’t wanted to know, but she’d learned in the last couple years to face life head-on and then deal with the fallout. Life, in a way, didn’t pussyfoot around problems. It dunked you in the middle and you survived somehow. You learned to swim because death was cruel. It killed and destroyed, robbed you like the thief it was. You learned to fight, to survive, and she was a survivor. She had the t-shirt.

“Tell me what?” Suspended animation as time warped. She looked at Alessandro, where he stood motionless, and she felt his gaze on her. As judge and ruler, silently dishing out her sentence. Was three years too long for him to wait for her? No, her mind screamed in silence. It couldn’t be.

No. Please, god, no, her heart screamed. No.

Her heart was suffocating. Had he forgotten all about her? Had in three years had the memory of her faded in his mind as if she’d never existed, as if he’d never held her, made love to her while she’d nurtured her love for him? She dreamed about him, loved him. Every single day and night.

All she knew was that the man she’d loved for the past six years stood on the other side of a great divide, one that couldn’t be crossed. All her plans of seduction withered away into nothingness, leaving her empty, her heart desolate at his betrayal, which permeated through every living cell of her body. For she knew he had indeed betrayed her.

Reality struck like lightning. A silent gasp. He’d never loved me. My love and infatuation with him were all one-sided. I was but a distraction for him every holiday I spent here in the circle of his arms. All his touches, his kisses, had been purely entertainment on his part to pass the time. A loss so immense filled her as she tore his name from her being.



A gnawing hunger that would go unsatisfied.

Her future empty.

Angela looked up and saw Alessandro towering above her. He looked majestic, an impressive man, gorgeous beyond belief. A fist tightened around her heart, squashing out life and love. What a fool she’d been to believe their love was real and could stand the test of time. To think they could recuperate that which the hourglass had stolen from them. Yes, she probably was the biggest idiot to walk this Earth, she thought bitterly. The biggest, ignorant, naïve fool to believe he would be true to her, that what they’d shared meant something to him. Of course it hadn’t. His past track record was well known, and despite that, she’d dared to believe against the odds.

But being so far away from him, she’d had to believe in him, for he was the only reason that kept her sane for three long years. And now it’d been all in vain, a fairytale turned into a horror story. She could already feel life slipping through her fingers. She should have known the instant he hadn’t come to drive her to his home that a catastrophe waited in the wings to destroy her life.

Her future.

With him.

She buried her unbearable pain so deep inside her it would never see the light of day again. No one would know, especially Alessandro. If she meant nothing to him, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he’d destroyed her. Broken her heart as if it were something he could just flick away that had no value, because it had never meant anything to him. She’d just been there for his entertainment. That hurt. It crushed and destroyed her. But no more.

She’d survived three long years without him and every second in between. She hardened her heart. She could live without him. She could, couldn’t she? It didn’t matter that he is, no correction, was the mirror of her soul, that his heartbeat regulated her own. All she had to do now was to try to live without him. How hard could that be? Her heart told her. She felt the pain yet her mind refused to acknowledge her dire straits.

Denial—the course of survival.

Out of the shadows came a dark beauty walking toward Alessandro, then throwing her arms lovingly around him, kissing him passionately. Angela stopped in her tracks. Her blood turned to ice. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-923-0
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/04/2013
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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