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Beyond the Point

The Special Agent Series: Book 6

Author(s): Betty Ann Harris, Linda Carvin

In this much anticipated sequel to Eureka Point, the former Katie Montgomery, aka Lizzie Harrison, has now settled into a life of domestic bliss with her new FBI special agent husband, Tom Owens. With the help of her new friend and landscape designer, Abigail Grant, Lizzie has taken the plunge and started a new interior design business in the scenic, old seaport town of Eureka, California. Tom's partner and best friend, Scott Landrew, appears to be smitten with Abby. When Tom is called out of town on business, he leaves Lizzie and Abby under Scott's watchful eye.
Will the suspicious events that are taking place prove to be just harmless coincidences, or are they signs that the dangerous drug cartel may still be after Lizzie? Will Lizzie and Abby's first joint assignment be the beginning of a wonderful partnership, or will Lizzie's past put them all in danger?

       As she approached the Point and lighthouse, Lizzie could smell the scent of sea lavender and salt water. She breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly. She was already starting to feel more calm and serene. Yes, this is what I needed.
       She parked on the flat, stoned area that served as a parking lot that sat below the lighthouse. She looked out to the sea as sunlight danced upon the water, sparkling. She wanted to get closer.
       Lizzie got out of the car and walked over to and up the steps to a platform that sat on one side of the base of the lighthouse. The platform jutted out precariously over the rocks, sending sea spray to lightly caress her face each time a wave crashed against them. She closed her eyes to keep the sea spray from penetrating them as she held onto the railing to steady herself as the waves crashed, sending vibrations through the platform.
       She felt calm and enthralled at the same time. Suddenly, the peace and calm was intruded upon as she sensed a movement behind her. Lizzie turned to look but saw no one. It must have been my imagination. Or perhaps it’s one of those ghosts the town’s people are always talking about. The spirit of one of those old sea captains who was killed when his ship was demolished as it crashed into the rocks in one of those terrible storms that come in from the ocean.
       Lizzie closed her eyes again but couldn’t dismiss the uneasy feeling she had that she was not alone. Just as she opened her eyes, a huge wave sent seawater onto the platform, soaking her shoes. Damn it, she thought. Her shoes were leather and would be ruined.
       Carefully, she walked back to the steps and started to make her way back down. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a dark-clothed figure walking towards a vehicle parked just off the entry road to the parking lot. She turned to look at him but could not see his face, as he was too far away.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0186-8
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 05/17/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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