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Big City Vampire

Author(s): Cynthia Sax

Book Summary

Carly doesn't believe a word men say, and she doesn't want a relationship built upon their false promises. She takes her sexual pleasure where she finds it, not expecting anything from anyone, especially not from a dark, handsome man who claims he's a vampire.

Vasile is a vampire. He's spent centuries searching for his beloved, the woman he is destined to love for all of eternity. When he does find her, she doesn't believe him. She doesn't believe he loves her, she doesn't believe he's a vampire, and she doesn't believe there's a lunatic rival out to kill her.

If Vasile can't earn Carly's trust, and soon, their eternity together may become mere minutes.


Praise for Big City Vampire
"Ms. Sax gives Carly a painful backstory that will touch the heart of every reader."
-- Candy,

"...a fast-paced story that is filled with action and a lot of hot and steamy sexual encounters between the two main characters."
-- Janie Esparza, The Romance Studio

"I must say I really enjoyed this vampire tale. Ms. Sax knows how to keep the reader’s attention, how to make one hold one’s breath or laugh out loud. So 5 couples for the book and I’m definitely looking forward to her next work."-- Tash, Confessions from Romaholics

Big City Vampire
Cynthia Sax
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Sax

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Yes, baby, that's it. Right there," Carly encouraged the stranger thrusting into her. She grasped the man's lean arms and lifted her hips, taking him deeper and deeper, savoring the sensual slide of latex-covered cock against her aroused flesh.

Grunts and moans and sighs of satisfaction echoed off the walls of the crowded sex club. The scent of hot, sweaty passion filled her nostrils. There was no room in her mind or heart for memories of past disappointments or fears of failed future expectations. There was only here and now and the man positioned above her, working for his own selfish satisfaction.

"Fuck me harder, baby." Carly curled her fingers around the curves of his pale shoulders while he plunged into her again and again, driving his thick cock deep inside her pussy. As he rode her, he nibbled on her neck, his mouth firm and warm on her skin, and she arched into him, brushing her breasts against his chest, the sensation of nipples teasing bare skin sending shivers of lust down her spine.

She moaned and writhed and raked her nails across his skin, her erotic performance amplified for her audience. Although there were dozens of men in the crowded sex club watching their public display, she performed for only one man. Carly peered over her current lover's shoulder and met the red-rimmed gaze of her mysterious voyeur.

He was dressed all in black, his hair as dark as his long leather coat, and he looked at her with an intensity that made her tremble. She didn't know him, and she didn't know of him, yet their connection had been instant.

His scarred friend had called him Vasile, and he'd arrived two partners before her current lover. He hadn't touched her. He hadn't queued up to fuck her. He'd merely stood in the shadows and watched her, his fists clenched and his handsome face stormy with unspoken promises.

Carly dismissed those promises, not trusting he'd keep them, as no man ever had, but she couldn't as easily dismiss the desire swirling between them. Under his dark-eyed gaze, her arousal escalated to levels she'd never before experienced. She fantasized it was his leather-clad shoulders she gripped, and his slim hips pumping between her spread legs. He'd press his lips against her neck and --

Sharp teeth pierced her skin, the unexpected pain pushing her over the edge of ecstasy. "Yes!" she cried out as she plummeted, bucking upward, release ripping through her, the waves violent and intense.

"No!" An animalistic roar rocked the club, and the weight on top of her lifted, cold air flowing where warm man once was. The man she'd been fucking shrieked as he slammed against the far wall, the impact cracking the plaster. His naked body crumpled onto the metallic flooring.

"Do not touch her," Vasile bellowed, his black hair disheveled, and his eyes wild. "Remove them." He flicked the long, razor-sharp claws extending from his hands, and beefy bouncers plucked protesting male patrons from the seats surrounding her.

Carly blinked, both stimulated by his dominance and frightened by his violent display. The man had claws! She peeled her ass off the leather couch and stood to confront him. "I --"

Vasile clutched her to him, burying her face into his hard chest, smothering her protests against his muscle, his touch demanding and sure, his body heat warm and inviting. Carly didn't struggle, allowing him to handle her, trusting him on an instinctual, primal level.

He mumbled words she didn't understand and threaded his long, slender fingers through her loose hair, his claws pricking her scalp. She leaned into him, inhaling the arousing aroma of leather and rich, dark earth, sensing this was where she belonged, with him, forever.

Hell, no, Carly. She raised her head. You don't believe in forever, remember? Forever is for suckers.

"Hey, buddy, it isn't your turn yet." She pushed at his shoulders. Vasile didn't budge, ignoring her weak attempt to move him. "You have to play nice with the other kiddies and wait your turn."

"I don't play nice with anyone." His deep voice flowed over her like melted caramel, dripping into all of the empty spaces inside of her. "And I won't wait my turn." Vasile lowered his hands, spanning her neck with his cool fingers, teasing the puncture marks on her skin.

"Kerrick's man bit you, Carly." He glowered at her with red-rimmed eyes as though the biting had been her fault.

Carly bristled. She didn't know who Kerrick was, why he needed to have a man, or how Vasile knew her name.

She did know men, however, and she heard the jealousy in Vasile's accusation. Jealousy implied they had a relationship, and relationships were built on empty promises.

"I didn't mind the biting." Carly forced a laugh to show him she didn't belong to him. They didn't have a relationship. She was her own woman, and she could do whatever she liked, fuck whomever she wanted. "So relax."

"Relax? He bit you. And I do mind." He swept his thumb over her wounds, his touch painfully tender. "Very much." His top lip curled. "Only for you would I do this." He bent his head and swept the flat of his tongue across her skin, bathing the bite mark in warm moisture and setting all her nerve endings on fire.

"Hmmm..." She closed her eyes, tilting her chin upward and sliding her palms under his leather coat, up his silk-covered chest, his muscles undulating under her fingers.

"Carly." He murmured her name like it was a fervent prayer, and rubbed his cheek against hers. "Vow you'll never let another male bite you."


She stepped back from him, her calves hitting the edge of the couch. "Why do you care who bites me?" she taunted, curling her lips into a smile she didn't feel.

He circled her neck with his hands, the pressure on her flesh a silent threat, and Carly held his furious gaze, her smile unwavering. He could threaten her all he wanted. She knew men, and she knew he wouldn't hurt her.

"Do you care, Vasile?" she asked softly, knowing he'd deny any feelings for her. Only a fool or a child would care for another person so quickly.

"Biting can be dangerous." Vasile released her, dropping his hands to his sides. He no longer had claws, if indeed he'd ever had claws. She must have imagined them. No humans had claws. "And I told Frey I'd look after you."

"Ah, right." Carly guessed that Frey was Vasile's scarred friend, the man who had spirited Perla away from her. "And you always do what you say you're going to do." As if. She laughed.

Vasile's lips flattened into a grim white line. "Yes."

He lied. She had yet to meet a man who kept his promises. Carly sank back down on the couch, emotionally weary. "Is that all you're going to do... look?" She cupped her breasts and spread her thighs, needing the distraction of sex to ease her pain.

His eyes darkened as his gaze dropped to her pussy, and she hid her disappointment under a knowing smirk. Yes, Vasile was a man like all the others, and a good, hard fuck was the only thing she could depend upon him for.

He frowned and drew up to his full height, his form tall and lean and imposing. "I don't lie, Carly." His cold voice sliced through the thumping tribal beats, silencing the conversations around them. "And I'm unlike any man you've ever met."

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