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Catch A Fallen Star

Author(s): Shayna York

Catch A Fallen Star (Her Hollywood Hero Book 2) by Shayna York

erotic contemporary short story
release date 05/30/2013

Gavin MacKenzie, a sexy Hollywood action hero can’t believe the incidents and accidents plaguing his latest movie. He thinks he has hit rock bottom, but sexy erotica author Allure Swift has a secret plan to raise his spirits and rock his world.



Gavin MacKenzie limped wearily across the dusty film set parking lot, despair and pain etched deeply on his handsome face. Add in the bone-numbing exhaustion of yet another brutal day of filming, as well as problems on set, and all he could do was move slowly toward his oversized, grey pick-up truck. His filthy clothes were torn and covered with blood from several deep cuts, the result of a serious fall during today’s stunt.

One of Hollywood’s hottest action stars, Gavin always insisted on performing all of his hard-core, challenging stunts—no stunt doubles for him. He had an excellent track record. Today’s accident was unusual and all the more surprising since both Gavin and the stunt coordinator had double checked the harness and clips yesterday evening before locking up for the night. The lock was still in place this morning, but the instant Gavin’s heavily muscled body pulled against the clips, they instantly gave way. Gavin had slid off the hood of the speeding car into a rocky ditch alongside the road.

Just thinking about the botched stunt made him wince.  His body wasn’t the only thing to take a beating; his ego was badly bruised. He fought to keep his focus on figuring out what had gone wrong.

One clip could fail, but for all of them to give out at once…just wasn’t possible. Gavin didn’t understand it; nothing was going right on this project. Missing props and broken rigging were commonplace. The fact that so many stunts had gone wrong was  weird. Expertly-timed explosions fired early or fizzled out, catching seasoned professionals off-guard. Scaffolding, booms, and lighting supports collapsed, wouldn’t work properly, or simply disappeared from the guarded set.

Members of the crew and cast alike had been coming down with food poisoning, severe allergic reactions, and various illnesses since day one. Several people had cut themselves, fallen, or sprained limbs, and two crew members had actually broken bones.

The incredible string of incidents, accidents, and injuries on the movie set had resulted in several members of the cast and crew quitting. Others talked about the movie being cursed or the set being haunted. Gavin refused to hear any of their speculations. This project was special to him, and he had bankrolled a substantial portion of the costs to have it made his way.

After his fall, Gavin dutifully took himself to the first aid trailer and had the film medics check him out, bandage his cuts, and clear him to continue filming. His pent-up frustration finally boiled over when the director decided to call it quits for the day. Gavin’s angry shouts drew attention from the cast and crew. They stared in amazement as the normally easy-going star lost it, cursing in language strong enough to make a trucker blush. Several chairs and a table got tossed about in his fit of rage. His temper finally ran itself out and he stormed off. The director had enough sense to let his star go.

Now Gavin ducked his head, embarrassed as he thought about his reaction. He had overreacted dramatically; it was definitely not one of his shining moments. He could admit that this movie was exacting a huge price from him, both physically and emotionally. The studio executives were just waiting for a chance to shut this project down, and the near-death experience of their star action hero would certainly be reason enough for them to do just that.

Frustrated, Gavin snarled when he heard his name shouted from behind him. After a few more weary steps, he came to a reluctant stop and let a frantic production assistant catch up. As the young man worked to regain his breath, Gavin took the chance to look around the parking lot. Cast and crew flowed around them, heading to their cars and quickly escaping the parking lot, eager to leave the disaster-plagued set.

“Director’s decision,” the assistant panted, looking everywhere but at Gavin. “Tomorrow and the next day are days off for everyone. With all of the um…incidents, he thinks a couple of days of down time would do people a lot of good.” He consulted his smart phone. “And just a quick reminder…you have a massage scheduled in an hour and a half in your suite. Daphne and Joachim are there getting everything ready.” His message delivered, he turned tail and fled back toward the production trailer.

Taking a deep breath, Gavin resumed hobbling toward his truck. The two-day, forced delay made him clench his teeth, but he knew the time off was essential for morale, whatever was left. They couldn’t afford to lose anyone else.

Dragging his aching body into the driver’s seat, Gavin had to admit the time off would do him some good as well. And so would the scheduled massage. Daphne and Joachim Largo were a sports and massage therapy wonder team and close personal friends. The husband and wife traveled with Gavin when he was filming to keep him in top shape. They knew each of his muscles and which areas tensed up when injured or under extreme stress. He smiled slightly as he began to look forward to the massage. He knew he needed some release.

The thought of release brought Allure Swift to mind and his smile grew. Since their night of passion in Las Vegas, the sexy auburn-haired writer had kept in regular contact with Gavin, and their conversations were something he had come to cherish. She’d teased and turned him on that first night, their game of erotic tension culminating in the best sex of his life. He desperately wanted to see her again, but their schedules never seemed to match up.

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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 05/30/2013
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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