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Cotton Patch

Cotton Series: Book 2

Author(s): K.T. Bishop

M.L. Cotton had plans his senior year at Tampa University. As the star quarterback, he had plans of graduating, taking the Spartans to a Bowl game as well as increasing his chances to play in the National Football League. His girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Jennifer Monet, turns his world upside down. During their senior year, she's pregnant with his child. M.L. is turned in four different directions and must find a way to make everything work, but he doesn't have a clue!

ML stared out the airplane window with a blank stare at the white puffy clouds and light blue skyline. The air suddenly was sucked out of his body.

Time was running out on his promise to guide Tampa U. to a winning season and a Bowl game. The Spartans had lost four of their first five games and appeared headed for another losing season. Alabama-Birmingham, Tampa U.’s next opponent, was a solid fourteen point favorite to win their showdown.

He turns and takes a glance at Jennifer, who was sound asleep and slobbering on his right shoulder.  Fears settled into his frail state of mind. He wanted to be the architect behind building the Spartans’ football program and make his child proud. “My baby isn’t born and I’m already a damn failure.”
Jennifer snorted twice and eyes slowly opened. “You say something honey.”

“Nothing; I was just thinking out loud.”

The Spartans arrived at the Birmingham International Airport, where a large silver charter bus awaited them. The team, coaches’ wives and cheerleaders all headed over to Bonanza’s for a steak dinner.

The Tampa U. contingent was cheery, with the exception of ML. He frowned as the steaks and baked potatoes were brought to the table. He mumbled to himself. “Why are these people happy, we’re losers?”  He closed his eyes and held tightly onto Jennifer’s  hand as a Spartan assistant coach blessed the food and giving thanks for arriving safely.

Later that evening in the hotel, ML confided in Jennifer.   “If I don’t take this team to a Bowl game, will I be regarded a failure?”       


He scratched his head and was shocked over her response. “But why do I feel that way. It’s eating me up inside.”

Jennifer propped her round-shaped body behind ML. She placed her hands onto his shoulders for an impromptu massage and history lesson to her beau. “We went through this same shit at Spanish Fort. It didn’t matter if you took them to the playoffs. But you did. You’re one man. We’re not at LSU or Alabama. No one expects this team to compete with the big boys.”

ML turned around and locked hips with Jennifer, whose words of wisdom and massage removed his tension.

“You always how to make me better back then and now; I’m so lucky to have you.”

A smile filled the corner of her mouth. “I'll remind you of that everyday.”

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Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 03/29/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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