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Daddy Loves Belinda

Author(s): Anne Ireland

Georgie is an investigative journalist and she has a good working relationship with her boss Steve. Steve wants more but Georgie hasn't realized and she is caught up in a passionate relationship of her own. It is the kind of love that can only lead to hurt and disappointment. When Georgie is suddenly in danger of her life, she begins to realize that some things in her life are more important than she knew. Can she manage to defeat the crazed murderer who wants to kill her and someone she cares for and find love?



"I got married—"

"You what?" I held the receiver away, staring at it in disbelief.

"Georgie! Are you there?" April said. "You haven't had a coronary, have you?"

"Do you really mean it?" I still couldn't believe she really said those words. "You actually got married—with a ring and a white dress and everything?"

"A ring and a white dress—at one of those Las Vegas chapels."

"This is my sister—isn't it?"

April Langley was at the top of her career as a TV presenter, working in the realms of fashion and beauty, which wasn't surprising because she was very beautiful herself: natural blonde hair, azure eyes, and a figure to make the rest of us mortals envious.

She had a hit series that took seven months of the year to film and spent the rest of the year traveling to gather her material. She was a professional woman, and you could usually set your watch by her. If April said she would be in Hong Kong at ten o'clock on Friday morning, she was there—which made it all the more puzzling that she missed an important interview with the editor of Vogue Magazine in New York three days earlier.

"How? Why? Who?" I asked then laughed. "That's wonderful, love. How long have you known him?"

"Six days, fourteen hours, and three minutes to be exact." She giggled, and I sensed she was both nervous and excited. "We met on the plane to New York. It was like something out of a movie, Georgie. I just looked into his eyes, and that was it. We could hardly keep our hands off one another. If I was into things like that, we would have joined the mile high club."

"April!" I wasn't sure she was joking. I never knew her to sound so excited over anything—especially a man. My sister was let down a few times, and she always swore she would never marry. "You've made me curious. When do I get to meet this gorgeous hunk? I take it he is gorgeous?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-602-1
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/31/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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