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Devil For Christmas, A

Author(s): Jennifer Mueller

On a cruise with her family, the third wheel if she ever felt one, Mackenzie needed to escape.  When the boat docked in San Juan she grabbed the first tour available. 

Who knew it would lead to a man she didn't know the name of?  Did she dare?  Did she triple dog dare?
     The place was almost deserted, a few others roamed around, but no one disturbed her as she stood in the guard house parapet perched on the ancient fort walls.  The classic one that made it on their quarter and all the postcards.  Silence other than the waves crashing below and the trade winds whistling through the windows.

     “Oh excuse me I didn’t see you in there.”  A very male voice said behind her.

     “I can come out, just enjoying the silence away from family for a few minutes.”  When she turned though every nerve tightened, the man was a god, just an everyday god if that made sense.  Good looking but not overly so, tall, dark, built but not overly so, enough you’d believe you were meeting him and not some romance cover model. Her gaze darted away, avoiding incredible blue eyes not wanting to get caught staring.

     “Who am I to disturb precious quiet time for a photo?”

     “No I have to get back to whatever tour I’m on anyway.  Click away.”  She came out the narrow passage, but the man didn’t move.  They were barely wide enough for one let alone two.  When he grinned at her now that was godlike, a god in white pants and pale blue buttoned shirt.  Aunt Jennifer was always one to say I don’t want to have an affair, but just to hear someone would still want to, would do a heart good, that smile would have made auntie proud.

     “Stay I’ve more pictures of buildings than anyone can care to look at, you can have a picture to show your family you’re hiding from.”

     Mackenzie tried not to laugh.  “They’ll be mad enough when I get back to care if I have proof.  I ran away.”

     “Then go pose for me, a beautiful woman to liven up old stone.”

     Mackenzie looked up at him and brilliant blue eyes stared back at her.  Those weren’t innocent eyes.  He’d seen life. “You want my picture?  Why?”

     “I’ll settle for your picture if I’m a good enough sales man maybe I can talk you into more.”

     She wanted to gape, he meant what he said, but she never was an easy woman.  He’d have to be a salesman, even if his grin had her half way there already.  “All before my tour leaves?  Don’t think much of my needs do you?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0142-4
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 12/24/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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