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Devil's Embrace

Author(s): Victoria Chapman

What happens when a young woman falls in love with someone who is not what they seem?

Jane’s life takes a mysterious turn when Nick Devilin moves into the loft above her apartment. He is gorgeous, seductive, and oh so helpful. And Jane needs help. The FBI suspects her boyfriend of being a serial killer, and the enemies at her place of work are trying to get her fired. But things are about to change. The boyfriend leaves town unexpectedly, and Jane’s enemies disappear in ingenious ways.

Nick invites her to spend two weeks with him on Paradise Island, and she finds scalding passion in his arms. She also wins millions at a roulette table. Nick always knows the right numbers to bet, and the right buttons to push to make Jane feel loved. But is he the answer to Jane’s prayer, or her worst nightmare?

And then there is Patrick Rogan, the handsome FBI Agent who wants to save Jane from herself. Will she turn to him for love, or choose Nick who could be Satan wearing a human body?



He framed her face with both hands and roughly deepened the kiss, his tongue a weapon of sleek seduction prying her lips open. He knew the inside of a woman's mouth like a tour guide in a promised land. He touched upon each landmark with slow, lazy strokes that twisted her belly into a rubber ball aching for relief. She tried to pull her mouth away from his to catch her breath, but he mistook the gesture for rejection and plunged even deeper to enforce his will. This was no longer a kiss between two lovers. This was outright plunder.

She could fight back, or let it happen…but why fight at all? She didn't need three drinks to be high on Nick. She was high on Nick just by thinking of his face and body. The weight of those hard, smooth muscles…the pleasure of his gorgeous mouth sealing hers…the unyielding strength with which he held her down...the silkiness of his tongue everywhere at once. And the implied violence behind those cold, calculating eyes…

What was the correct response? To give in to him or slug him? He was mysterious and mercurial and exciting. He didn't kiss like other men, he took possession of a woman's mouth and held it captive for ransom. Nothing was declared, but all was understood.

She felt moist and tingly and aroused. She felt eager and wanting and off balance. She sank her teeth into his tongue to get even for Sam. Who told Nick he could take Sam's place?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-302-0
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 03/26/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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