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Eve's Revenge

Her Smile Series: Book 2

Author(s): Raven Starr

With a new life to look forward to, Kylie is on cloud nine until an enemy from her past emerges from the shadows with only one thing on her mind. Eve has a plan for Kylie. Can Kylie escape from Eve to be with the man of her dreams or will Eve finally get her revenge?

Lily rubbed her jaw. “She looks like a weasel, huh? I don’t think it’s broken.”

Kylie put her hand under her sister’s chin and turned her head back and forth.  “I can’t believe this. I’m so sorry. And no, she doesn’t look like a weasel. She looks like a NYC rat.”

The girls giggle at Kylie did. Lily’s face hurt too much to laugh. She smiled and said, “There’s no reason to be sorry. You fell in love with a man that has a psycho in his closet. What a dream boat.”

Kylie tried not to laugh. “You should try stand.”

Lily narrowed her gaze. “Yeah, that’ll work.”

The ratty manager reentered the room with the card and receipt. “Ma’am, the police are here.” Two police officers walked in behind the woman. “Sign here.”

Kylie signed then looked up at the officers.

“I’m really sorry about all of this, Ma’am.” The blonde cop said, standing in front of Kylie.

“I’m sorry, too. Look I’m going to give you the short version then I’m taking my sister to the hospital. My name is Kylie Storm and this is my little sister, Lily. I’m going to get married in a few weeks and we were doing what soon-to-be-brides do until Eve came in. She elbowed my sister and assaulted the bridal manager trying to get at me. I hit her but she kept coming. She threw a drink in my face and I fell over there.” Kylie pointed to the ottoman. “I pick my legs up and kicked her backwards. She was an animal.”

The cop just wrote everything down in his notebook. “How do you know this woman?”

“She’s my stalker.” Kylie rubbed her hands up and down on her arms.

The cop looked up. “Really?”

“Yeah, really. Can I go now? If you need anything else, I just paid for three dresses. They have my address.” Kylie gripped Lily’s arm and led her from the room.

They stormed outside. Within minutes, they were inside Kylie’s car en route to the hospital.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0167-7
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 02/23/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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