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Fair Grounds Mystery, A

Author(s): Viola Russell

New Orleans detectives Etienne Baptiste and his partner Duane Morrow are called to a local cemetery, where a body has been discovered.  They immediately identify the body as that of Jimmy Landry, a local PI who was an NOPD veteran and Baptiste's mentor.  This murder is personal, and the detectives soon discover that Landry was investigating a death that took place years ago at the local race track.

This cold case leads them to a local journalist who long has believed her horse trainer father died at another's hand even though his death was ruled natural.  She'd hired Landry to investigate her father's death, and Lt. Baptiste soon believes she may be correct.

As Baptiste and his partner uncover ugly secrets, a killer lurks in the shadows, threatening them and their familes.

Brad cleared his throat. “Vic, he just said it wasn’t your run of the mill, follow the wife kind of case. This was different.”

Baptiste moved to Morrow’s side and glanced at Brad. “Was he specific?”

“No, he just said it wasn’t ordinary. Something about a cold case.”

“Well, I think I see his most recent client.” Morrow scrolled through a number of names listed alphabetically on a file. “We can look at it better at the office.”

Baptiste nodded. “Let’s take it.” He turned his attention to Vicky. Placing an arm on her shoulder, he said, “You take care of your family. Your daddy would want that.” He gave her a hug and then held her at arm’s length. “Let us work the case. Make things right with your mama.”

Vicky raised a shoulder. “I don’t know. So much has happened between my mother and me. Some things just can’t be forgiven.”

“Well, anger doesn’t help anything, and you know your daddy wouldn’t want her alone now.”

Vicky looked down and then up at him with a tear-stained face and swallowed hard. “Please catch this bastard.”

“Oh, honey, you can have my word I’ll catch this piece of crap.” Baptiste kissed her forehead, slipped on his shades, and then beckoned for Morrow to follow him. The air had suddenly grown so stifling he could barely breathe.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781454302810
Date Published: 05/30/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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