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Fair-Haired One, The

The Daughters of Dagda Collection: Book 2

Author(s): Rorrey Lynch

The Dagda, highest of the Irish deities, knows his Irish goddess daughters face extinction. To save them, he sends the goddesses to Earth to find a mortal who will love them. But, the Dagda’s plan has unleashed a terrible evil—Balor, the king of the evil fairies called Fomorians, whose only goal is to thwart the quests of the goddesses.

Cliodna, the Ruler of Waves, was summoned from her Other World banishment to help save her sister’s mortal lover. Left to fend for herself and blend in with the inhabitants of Earth, she has twenty-one days to find a mortal lover of her own or she will perish.

Connor O'Keefe, a descendant of the clan Cliodna has sworn to protect and a sword boat captain, seems like the perfect mate for a woman who loves the ocean. He is unsure how to handle this beautiful and mysterious mistress of the sea, and is unable to walk away.

Conner has dark secrets that can’t be ignored and Cliodna must contend with Balor. They face the fight of a lifetime that even a rugged sea captain and the Ruler of the Waves may be unable to win.



She flew back to Cork and roosted on a rock near the dunes. When she heard screams coming from the beach, she swooped low and saw a girl running toward the dunes. The girl’s hair cascaded down her back as she ran. Two young men ran just a few yards behind her, shedding shirts and shoes and trousers along the way. The two men caught up to the girl and pulled at her clothes, baring her breasts and the triangle of brown curls between her legs. As they loomed over her, the girl stared at them wide-eyed. There was a moment of stillness. Then they went behind the dunes and the sand kicked up. Cliodna circled in the sky above and watched closely. She saw a melee of entangled hands and legs. Was this sweet seduction or rape?

She was poised to fly and dive, to peck out the eyes of the men, when the scene took form before her eyes like some erotic painting, revealing the truth. The men and the girl shared a beer and a joint as they shed the rest of their clothes. The men’s asses glistened in the moonlight. They yowled and laughed as the girl rose and danced, her breasts swinging like pendulums. They were plastered with the drink or flaming with drugs or both.

Fascinated, Cliodna flew to a rock near the dunes to get a closer look. She incarnated as a mortal, hid and watched. She felt shivers of excitement run down the inside of her thighs and she felt a gentle tug between her legs. She saw the girl sink into the sand as she lay on her back, her long hair glistening like honey. Cliodna was sure that the touch of it would make any man ignite.

Ignite, the men did. Absorbed, they danced around the girl, huge, engorged penises bouncing with joy.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-194-1
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 08/14/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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