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Full Load

Author(s): Kate Early

Full Load

By Kate Early

Who knew a trip to the Laundromat could get this... interesting.

James found a little hole in the wall Laundromat to get his clothes clean in peace. That is until Fin walks through the door and the dryers aren’t the only things heating up.
Genre Contemporary Romance/Male/Male
Length Super Short
Heat Level Extreme
Content Advisory: MM

Full Load -- Excerpt
West Hollywood Ca.
One load down. Two more to go. James reached over the washer to grab the plastic detergent bottle off the folding table. A cap full of soap went in with his dirty towels, another he poured over the load of whites in the next machine then he dropped the lids to trigger the water. There was no glass door to look through on the old metal boxes for entertainment. Without the suds and rolling clothes to watch there was just the rhythmic bump and swish of water from the laundry machines. James might have described it as peaceful, but basically the laundromat was as boring as humanly, globally, and universally possible. The place was perfect.
He wasn't surprised to be alone, just happy. Privacy was a nice change. No women sat in the corner gossiping, knitting, or silently reading a book to fill the time. There were no screaming babies or bored children throwing toys at their siblings, just him and some clunky, old machines. Moldy ceiling tiles and the backs of newspapers covering the window out to the street were about the only visible decorations to the place. There were no soda machines or video arcades here. Hell, he had walked past the place a dozen times before he realized that it wasn't abandoned. The bigger shock would have been walking in to find lines of people with wet clothes waiting for a dryer to be available.
The bell hanging over the door gave a lonely jingle, distracting James from his thoughts and bringing him back to the present. Thirty minutes in the dimly lit room, the door opening let in the bright sunlight and a tall shadow. The outline of the stranger left him blinking. He was about to lose his solitude.
James could clearly make out the shape of a yummy–looking muscular man, but that was all until the door swung shut. Waiting for his eyes to adjust added to the anticipation. What would the tall and mysterious stranger look like? His vision cleared bit by bit, allowing him to take in a few details at a time. The stranger stopped for a moment after coming out of the California sun. Compared to outside this place must look like a dimly lit laundry cave.
An amused smile tugged at the corner of James’s mouth. This laundromat was the best discovery he had made in months, maybe years. Clean clothes and a hot man to watch. This was a hard to beat combination. Speaking of what the man was showing off... James couldn't give the fashion displayed high marks, but the body underneath was a ten. If the man was gay, then this little meeting was a gift from above. He felt the odds were in his favor. They were in West Hollywood after all; forty percent of the population was made up of gay men. Since the other sixty included men, women, and children there was a better than fifty/fifty chance the stranger was gay. Placing a bet on the subject in West Hollywood had better odds than most places worldwide.
A manly grunt ended James's distraction. Tall, Strong, and Sexy held an overflowing laundry basket and another mesh bag of clothes dangling from one hand. James jumped forward reaching out to help when the basket slipped from the other man's arms. Lending a hand before the clothes hit the filthy tile floor was the perfect excuse to move closer. Sliding his hand around the back of the plastic container put them close. James saw every detail of the other man's face clearly. Lady luck was certainly on his side today. The strong nose and wide mouth caught his attention first, then their eyes met, and he couldn’t turn away.
James’s fascination grew with every breath he drew in. The mound of smelly socks in the basket pressed between their bodies mixed with the scent of soap and aftershave. Who knew that the combo could be an unbelievable turn on? The blond’s bemused expression as he eyed James gave him hope. Was that a spark of interest or wishful thinking? Maintaining his hold on the basket, and trapping James close, the stranger's dark eyes lit with interest, and a bit more. Bouncing up and down with excitement was hard to resist.
“Thanks,” the word whispered past the full lips inches away, and James nearly swooned. His cheeks heated, and his breath grew choppy. Oh boy, not only was the guy hot, blond, and built; he had a British accent, too! One word was enough to make a native Californian weak in the knees. His knowing look turned hot. There was no misunderstanding the desire there. If the yummy new comer was free and interested James was having a good day.
“My name is Fin.” He flashed impressively white teeth when he smiled. "It's nice to meet you."
**End Excerpt**

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Date Published: 08/16/2011
Publisher: Eirelander Publishing

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