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Heart Spur

Author(s): Nancy Lindley-Gauthier

Galloping into Adventure – or Love?Jill tried to steady Sky as they crested the hill. The reins were slippery with sweat, the horse too eager. He accelerated when he spotted the rounded log that marked the drop-off into the black-looking water below. Jill started to lean back, every fiber in her being wanting to haul him back hard. Too fast!
Then in the dappled light beneath that oak opposite, she saw a familiar shape, and thought of Frank’s parting comment. “You have to trust in your partner sometimes…”
Somehow made herself be still. Eyes ahead, heels down, she reminded herself. And throw your heart over…


Goosebumps stood up on Jill’s arms for a whole different reason – she could feel the air crackling with electricity. Cody spun all too willingly and picked up a hasty jog – too hasty given the footing.
Frank gave a bark of laughter and caught up with them in a bound. “Race ya,” he hollered and shot past, to Jill’s shock.
Cody picked up the challenge and leapt forward.
His huge stride caught Jill by surprise. She grabbed the horn and swung in the saddle like a barrel racer. Cody cleared the top edge of the trail in a bound and in one more passed the thundering little mare.
Eyes streaming from the wind, Jill could hardly make out where they were headed –She pressed forward close to Cody’s neck and heard a joyful “yahoo!” from behind them.
She called back “yahoo” laughing, feeling as if she were flying on the big Quarter Horse.
If ever she had needed confidence – this big horse, and his master, gave it to her.
Laughing she glanced back over her shoulder.
Lightning arced from the sky.

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 08/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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