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Hearts of Ice

Pembroke Steel: Book 2

Author(s): Gilbert M. Stack

When Mitch Pembroke’s wealthy father summons him to the family’s long unused mountain hunting lodge, he reluctantly packs his bags and catches the next train to Colorado. Corazón del Hielo—the Heart of Ice—was once the focus of many happy family vacations, but it’s also the last place anyone saw his cousin—alive or dead.


It’s been thirteen years now since the boy mysteriously disappeared and what Mitch doesn't remember about that night may just kill him…



        “Mitch, I think we’re here.”

        Kits voice snapped Mitch back from his reverie. From the patient look on his friends face, Mitch guessed that this was not the first time Kit had spoken to him.

        Mitchs father was already out of the car and walking toward the buildinga determined set to his stride. Mitch grimaced and decided he would have to join him. I guess there is no reason to put this off.

        “Put what off? Kit asked. Who is Aunt Victoria? Youve never mentioned her before.

        Mitch got out of the front seat and opened the rear door.


        “Shes my fathers sisterhis only sibling. She owns twelve percent of Pembroke Steel. And she hates me.

        Mitch grabbed the leather strap on the edge of his trunk and hefted it out toward him. Kit grasped the other end. Together they lowered it to the grass.

        “Why does she hate you?

        Mitch didnt answer immediately. Instead he grasped the handle on Kits trunk and the two men repeated the procedure. When they had finished, Kit asked his question again. Why does she hate you?

        Mitch started to remove the rifles and shotguns from the car. His throat was tight, making speech difficult. She seems to have formed the opinion that I murdered her son when we were teenagers.

        Mitch wasnt looking at Kit, but he could literally hear his friends surprise. There was an awkward moment of almost silence in which Kits teeth snapped together a couple of times as if he kept opening his mouth to speak, then closing it without saying anything. Thats absurd, he finally protested.

        “Im not certain she isnt right, Mitch disagreed.




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ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0111-0
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 11/17/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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