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Impulse Control

Book One of the Sypricon Masters

Author(s): Sara Brookes

Planetary Deputy Chief Marshal Selene Orasova is looking for a reminder pleasure still exists in the universe. Fresh off her latest case, she heads to Tawse, a BDSM club on the planet Sypricon. However, upon her arrival she finds the club almost empty as nearly all the staff has been hired out of for the night. Disappointed, she starts to leave, only to walk face first into a wall of muscle.

Vaughn, one of the few Doms at the club Selene hasn't been under the command of, is immediately intrigued by the hard-edged cop. A few instructions and she is easily under his guidance. However, Vaughn quickly discovers Selene has a problem relinquishing total control. She likes to top from the bottom and that isn't something Vaughn will stand for. Determined to correct her, Vaughn pushes her limits with a little impulse control.


Vaughn stepped off the platform and tried to hide a wince as his erection scraped against his pants. He hadnt expected to get this hard this quickly, but when Bales indicated Selene wanted a Dom for the nightand hinted around at the fact it was him specificallyher interest propelled him to discover more.

Bales, hand me some hydrator.

Finished already?

Not even close. Hed barely warmed up and had already hit a few walls in that time. She intrigued him and made him want to push her more. Shes so caught up in five seconds ago she cant concentrate on the now.

Explains why youre over here then.

That, and its a damn stunning view. He leaned against the bar as he cracked the seal on the container of ishke the club used to keep its members hydrated to proper levels. As he sipped, he took note of the way she sat, the pace of her breaths as she waited. He looked for tells to signal her level of nervousness. Things he would need to know as the night wore on.

She wore her blonde hair pulled back into a severe tail. It added harsh angles to her face, did nothing to soften the hard line of muscles in her arms. Her sharp brown eyes stared straight ahead, her expression completely blank. She appeared to be tougher than the type of sub he usually chose, but he would enjoy the challenge. There was softness under all those layers of cop.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-095-1
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 07/22/2011
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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