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Gerard Sisters: Book 2

Author(s): Josie St. Marie

Take a wedding reception, a secluded brick wall, and two former lovers. Add hidden feelings, a whole lot of lust, and a dash of the unexpected.

What do you get?

That's right! Hot sex and a second chance at love

Join Colin and Lennon as they discover the delicious treat of blossoming love in this erotic tale of new beginnings.



The garter hit him right between the eyes.

He caught it as it fell and he stared at it.

Oh, this wasn't right.

As the crowd of wedding guests cheered, Colin McClure cursed a God with such a sick and twisted sense of humor. His good-natured opponents slapped him on the back and congratulated his victory. The white garter with the shiny white ribbon and tiny white flower in the middle looked like a mocking smile in his hand.

He knew he'd have to face her eventually. He also knew the chances were incredibly likely that he'd face her here at her sister's wedding. Her sister was his best friend, so it made perfect sense that they would come face-to-face at Blue's wedding. In fact, he'd kind of counted on seeing her again here with her family and a crap load of strangers as chaperones. He was sure to be on his best and most polite behavior at Blue's wedding.

What he hadn't counted on was her doing her damndest to avoid him all night. What he hadn't counted on was getting pressed into standing among the bachelors while Landen threw his new wife's garter into the throng. God knew he hadn't counted on catching the damn thing, putting him seconds away from saying hello, for the first time in nearly three years, in front of all these people while he groped her leg.

Great. Just great.

And there she was, gorgeous in her dark blue bride's maid dress. Her black hair cut short and sleek around her bold features, her lips in a relaxed smile while her eyes promised him death and dismemberment.

In that second, the well constructed fortress keeping all of his thoughts and memories and feelings about her at bay exploded in his head. He'd spent years pretending she hadn't crushed his heart to dust.

Christ! Whenever she felt superior she'd put on the same damn smiling anti-smile. Colin gave her the patronizing smirk he'd patented for her to combat her anti-smile. Her eyes narrow for a split second before she looked away and laughed with the crowd.

He didn't know what her problem was anyway. He'd planned on being a nice guy to her. Forget the past. Move on and get over it. He would greet her kindly and ask about her daughter and have a bit of small talk and that'd be the end of it. He would not let her know how every memory he possessed about her haunted him every minute of every day.

Looking at her now, all flashing eyes and righteous indignation, and every one of his good intentions laughed at him and dove for cover. It was like someone turned on a flashlight in a dark room and all he could see was her goading him, pushing all the right buttons, and laughing because she somehow had magical powers that allowed her to see into his soul and taunt his most vulnerable spots.

He shivered.

A white chair was produced for her and she sank down like a queen. She gave him a haughty lift of her chin. This uncomfortable, public meeting could have been avoided had she been mature and greeted him politely earlier in the evening. By God, she got them into this mess and she deserved to squirm a bit.

Colin smiled. Yeah, squirm like a worm on his hook.

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 04/29/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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