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IT Exec's Baby

Executive's Wives Club series - Book 2

Author(s): Tina Gayle

Brie Sullivan has a new baby girl and there are a million things to do, but Brie doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Why? She’s still grieving for her husband and suffering from baby blues, but she won’t let that stop her. She’s come up with the answer--find a new husband to be the father of her kids.

Jason Clark has been doing everything he can to help Brie. He loves her but can he accept her proposal of marriage knowing she’s not thinking clearly about the future?

“Birth – IT Exec’s Baby” -- For fans of traditional romances or romances with kids, this is a must read. For all other romance readers, give it a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Jason Clark walked through Brie’s doorway, asking himself why he insisted upon gaining entrance when she obviously didn’t want him to come inside. He’d decided after seeing it was eight-thirty on his van’s dashboard clock, he’d make this a pit stop visit—a quick check and then back on the road for home. Her attachment to him during Isabella’s birth had amused him at the time. Brie couldn’t help wanting a man’s touch during the delivery of her daughter. Most women did, didn’t they?

Their hormones having gone wild.

Hell, he liked being there for her, holding her hand, but afterward she became uneasy every time he stopped by. Why? Was she embarrassed?

But then again, he had avoided her house for the last few weeks. Caring for a newborn and dealing with her parents, she probably had more than she could handle without him adding to the madness.

Spinning on his heels, his gaze caressed Brie’s sexy form. Her beautiful blonde hair swayed against a thin yellow t-shirt that topped a pair of light blue pajama pants. White daisies danced through the material’s pattern, highlighting her feminine curves. Need sizzled through his veins, but something about her movements struck him as odd. Raising her hand, she shut the door, but the task taxed her strength. She fought the door for a moment, pressed her shoulder against the partition, and drove it into place.

He frowned. Her earlier desire to get rid of him had troubled him, but now his concern grew. What could be wrong? Were the kids sick? Was she?

She stepped away from the door and offered him a weak smile. “What would you like to eat?”

“You don’t have to fix me anything. I just stopped by to make sure you’re okay.” He lifted his hand and cupped her face. Moisture met his palm. Why was she crying?

Brie laid her hand over his and leaned into his caress. “I don’t mind. I haven’t really eaten anything for dinner either. The kids wanted mac and cheese, but I wasn’t tempted by the sticky mess.”

Her watery-blue-eyed gaze met his. Misery swam in the depths of hers. Unease washed through him. What had upset her?

“Brie, honey, what—?”

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ISBN (Print): 978-1479167753
ISBN (Electronic): 9781476270180
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 07/02/2012
Publisher: Tina Gayle

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