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Jericho Jones

Author(s): Drew Zachary

When Jericho Jones comes into some money, he decides to take off and do what he's always wanted: have the adventure of a lifetime. He sets off on a scavenger hunt across the globe, which is where he meets the hunky Caleb, a man he would happily get to know.

From the US to London to Australia, Jericho and Caleb cross paths, and fight the dangers of travel and of the unscrupulous men who are trying to get a hold of Jericho. Ex-military man Caleb is determined to protect Jericho, but sooner or later the two men know they have to part ways. Can Jericho finish the race, or will his adventure end far too soon! Find out in this collected volume of three stories.

Compilation of the Chaser series Jericho Jones.


1 - The Adventure Begins

Jericho Jones hummed along to the theme music on the TV. His favorite DVD, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, was playing in the background as he packed his backpack with everything he could think of that he might need.

A couple changes of clothes went in next to a pith helmet and a flashlight. He had power bars for food, his passport, as well as American dollars and Euros. He had a notebook, pens, a pair of needle nose pliers, and a pocketknife tucked in next to his toothbrush.

His work boots and khakis were laid out next to the bed. He'd be leaving first thing in the morning on his very own treasure hunt. It was promising to be quite an adventure.

"Jerry?" a voice called outside his door, the knocking coming after the yelling, which was already getting shrill. "Jerry, let me in! You better be here, damn it!"

He rolled his eyes. How had his sister found out he was leaving? He'd hoped to be good and gone before anyone was the wiser. "Go away, Lydia."

"Let me in!" Lydia's knocking turned to banging. "You can't do this, Jerry! It's insane!"

God, she was going to have the neighbors calling the cops if she didn't shut up. He opened the door to let her in. "The name's Jericho, Lydia. And yes, I can too do it."

Typically, she ignored the first part. "Be reasonable, Jerry. What do you know about treasure hunting? The wilderness? And that's not even touching on how much you're going to spend on this... this flight of fancy. Why don't you just buy a house or something? Take a cruise?" She turned pleading eyes on him. "Stop being foolish."

"It's my inheritance, Lydia. I can do what I want with the money. And I know a ton about treasure hunting. I have the Indiana Jones movies memorized, and the Alan Quartermaine ones." He closed the door, as it didn't look like Lydia was going to be happy with just saying her piece and leaving.

"Movies aren't real life," she said with a snort. "And it's a huge waste of money. And you're going to be in danger, and I can't believe you're seriously going to follow some clue from the internet." She stormed past him, waving a hand in the air. "God, even when you were little you were never this foolish. Who's going to take care of you, Jerry? I'm not going."

Damn it, she never had faith in him, but he wasn't going to let her ruin this for him. "What makes you think I need someone to take care of me?" Waste of money. Like buying a big old house or going on a cruise wouldn't be an even bigger waste.

Lydia gave him a pitying look. "You can barely find the grocery store with your GPS," she said, which was a total lie. "And you always hide your eyes when Harrison Ford lands in snakes."

"I'm not going to be landing in snakes," he told her, hoping it was true. Snakes, tarantulas, hell he didn't like cockroaches. He was hoping he wouldn't come across any. He wasn’t brave like Harrison Ford. He wasn’t rugged and manly like Harrison Ford either. He had a slender build and light brown hair that curled if it got longer than a buzz cut, too red lips and big brown eyes, all of which added up to pretty more than handsome. "Come on, Lydia, stop being so negative. Can't you be happy for me?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60370-893-7
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 12/23/2009
Publisher: Torquere Press

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