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Ladies, The

Author(s): Belita Renn

Are you up for an adventure like these ladies with Laird Nevis

Nevis had sent word that, if he could find an acceptable lass among the villagers, he would not go outside the village to choose a bride. Five ladies, for various reasons unknown to the villagers, had been chosen to go to the castle to spend a week with Laird Nevis.

During that week, the Count would determine, by his own means, which would be his bride. Who will be his choice or will he just have a week of fun?



Zeus looked at Nicole and winked, as though he knew what she was thinking.

His look making Nicole uncomfortable; heat warmed her face as guilt touched her emotions. When had she become petty? Condemning a stranger merely because of his looks was wrong. She hadn't taken time to learn if he was as bad as the depraved villagers. Could she blame him for touching himself when confronted by nearly naked women? Actually. yes. The Laird wasn't acting wicked.

The men from the village were behaving just as badly. Errow Tact was licking his mouth and making crude gestures, pumping his hand before his crotch. He had no lips, only a skin opening that was unattractively pale. Hester Cream was circling them to see as much as possible of their bodies. Hester was bald since birth; unfortunately, he also had nubbin fingers and black eyes that made him appear evil. Rimes Wiss had skin that always looked dry and scaly. He lusted after women with his beady eyes, and he was always touching his ass.

Although all three were in their twenties, it was doubtful that these men had ever seen a naked woman, unless they had been peeking through windows. Nicole found that merely having them look at her was repulsive. It wasn't that the villagers rejected the malformed. There were scarred and maimed people among the good folk of Nevis Village. There was just something about these men that repulsed. It was the forward and rough nature of their touch that made them creepy. When passing on the street, they pinched or tweaked at private places. The leer in their eyes was vulgar.

Nicole flinched as Hester touched her gown. She moved beyond his reach. Her expression dared him to pursue.

Perhaps these men had been with the ugly women of the village, but they had certainly never had the opportunity to be with near naked lovely women before today. Perhaps this once she should forgive them for their behavior.

A deep throat-clearing drew their attention to the door. A tall, strikingly handsome man with dark hair stepped into the parlor. He had a patrician nose, masculine lips, and broad shoulders that tapered to lean hips. This was their nobleman Kirkland Age, Earl Nevis, dressed in a blue velvet coat with white lace extending from his sleeves and a white cravat circling his shirt collar. A black waistcoat matched clinging pantaloons that molded to his lean thighs and knee boots of butter soft leather.

"Ladies, I will learn which name goes with each lady as we go forward. I wish to tell you now that we will be having sex this week. Any that object to sexual situations should leave now. You will be assigned rooms; in each there will be instructions of what I wish from you. You will follow them exactly as written. Can everyone read?"

They nodded.

"Good. Now Mrs. Pleat will show you to your rooms. You will bathe if you have not today. Then return to the entrance hall, and you shall be escorted to the dining room. Ladies, you may leave with Mrs. Pleat now." Dismissing them, he turned to the men. "Gentlemen, you will act as footmen and do odd tasks, such as escort the ladies from the front entrance hall to the dining room. The usual household staff has been dismissed for the present time. You will do some of their tasks. Mr. Zeus will show you to your rooms, and then he will show you to the dining hall, where he will explain your first task."

His voice faded as the ladies followed Mrs. Pleat down a back hall and up the stairs. A sound like a cheer rose from the group of men left behind. On the second landing, they were each assigned a chamber facing the front lawn. Standing in the hallway, they listened to Mrs. Pleat spouting directions in her fatigued tone.

"No wandering the halls at night. You each have a black satin mask. You will wear this mask as instructed. Be warned not to tamper with it or try to wear it twisted. Believe me, he will know. Count Nevis will dismiss you from the castle, and one of the escorts will return you to the village. Anyone not obeying or following instructions will be dismissed."

"I'm not letting any of them escort me anyplace where there are not a lot of people," one of the ladies murmured.

Nicole wasn't able to ascertain which lady spoke. If forced to guess, she would say the attention claimer, Flona Burst.

Mrs. Pleat continued. "During your stay, you shall bathe every day, no exceptions. Should you begin to bleed, you must notify me immediately. The Count will tolerate no hindrances this week. Obey, and all will go well. Now enter your rooms and ready yourselves, remembering to follow your instructions. They are waiting upon your bedside table. This is where all of your instruction will be placed." Mrs. Pleat waved them away. "Go."

Nicole entered the chamber and stopped to admire the furnishings. It was a beautiful chamber, decorated in pale pastels. Moving to the bedside table, she lifted the note and read. Her eyes shifted to the pink cream in a cup sitting on the table. Closing her eyes, she moaned.

"This is going to be a week of submission." It was an exciting thought. She had always had someone ordering her around, but this was different. This would be sexual submission. Removing the choice and adding wondering, anticipation, and anxiety made her aroused. Slipping out of her gown, she rubbed the pink cream on her nipples, which grew hard as she rubbed. She was tempted to massage but feared there would be revealing signs. The faint scent of cinnamon was released from the cream.

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