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Matchmen, Ltd

Author(s): TC Blue

Many men pass through the doors of Matchmen, LTD, Los Angeles' premier gay matchmaking service. Trevor Hart and his staff have made more than one great match. Unfortunately, Trevor hasn't been able to create a match for himself, and when his ex, AJ Robins, the man who tore his heart out years earlier, comes to Trevor for help, things get complicated.

With a cast of characters including Trevor and his not-so-ex, AJ, Melody Michaels, Trevor's happily involved receptionist (aka Melvin Michael Mumerford) and not at all closeted rock star, and Adam, another ex-lover of AJ's, complicated doesn't even begin to cover it.

Between heat and attraction, difficult pasts and questions of trust, can Trevor and his crew manage to find a way past their difficulties and discover the love they all deserve?


Trevor looked insanely good when he was fresh out of the Country Club shower, A.J. noticed, just like he did every Saturday after their tennis match. Skin still a little flushed from their game and hot water, damp hair combed back, tan just shining against the white shirt Trevor wore. Yeah, Trev was a damned fine looking man. Always had been.

Unfortunately, that ship had sailed and passed in the night and sunk like the Titanic, but that didn't mean A.J. couldn't look. And Trevor was doing some looking of his own, A.J. noticed, but that was fine. They were friends… and gay, not blind. In fact, it was kind of encouraging that Trevor was looking, A.J. decided. Trev saw some of the best looking men in Los Angeles on a daily basis, so maybe the fact that he was noticing A.J. meant that he wasn't past his prime.

A.J. hoped so, anyway, because he was about to ask Trevor a favor. A big one. Assuming he could make himself speak after the way Trevor had shot him down the last time.

He sat quietly, only speaking to order a drink and lunch, then waited for the waiter to take Trev's order. When the guy finally left, A.J. took a deep breath and released it before looking up to meet Trevor's eyes. Trevor's surprised eyes, though he didn't know why Trev would looked shocked. A.J. hadn't even spoken yet, after all.

"I need your help," A.J. stated bluntly, determined to get the words out before they froze in his chest. "I know you won't take me on as a client and that's cool, okay? But I need to know. I mean, I don't. God." He sighed and took another breath, relieved to wait while the waiter delivered their drinks. "Okay," he tried again when the guy left them again, "I need to know how to date. Because this last week proved that I'm clueless and that's sort of what you do, right? So let me pay you, Trev. Whatever you charge your clients. Just… help me out, man."

God, he felt like an idiot. Who the hell didn't know how to date? Well, apparently him, A.J. reminded himself with a frown. But he really did want something lasting.

Maybe not something that lasted forever because A.J. figured that was too much to hope for, considering his history, but something… longer-term than a few weeks or even months. And that, he suspected, meant an actual relationship that wasn't based on how attractive someone was, or how well they were hung, or even how tight their ass was. Those things did matter, of course, but there had to be more to it than that. So A.J. was on a new path. A no-sex-until-he-knew-how-he-got-along-with-whomever path. The only problem was…

Well, okay. He was horny. All the time, damn it. So that was a problem, in and of itself. But he was determined, and while he hadn't had to rely on his own hand for all his sexual needs in years, he could do it. Had been doing it for five days and nights, God help him. And that wasn't the real problem anyway. The problem was both simpler and more complex than A.J. had expected before he'd tried his dating technique.

"I know how to ask a guy out and get him in the mood to put out, Trev," A.J. said, and he knew he was blushing. He could feel the heat rising under his own skin at just stating it so bluntly to Trevor. "I just don't know how to make someone want more." Because his last date, which had ended insanely early the night before, had gone less than well.

Any time a guy said "Thanks, but I'm gonna go, I think I left my clothes in the dryer" once the whole no-sex thing was mentioned? Well, that pretty much defined bad date, in A.J.'s opinion.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60370-864-7
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 11/25/2009
Publisher: Torquere Press

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