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Monday's Rose

Author(s): Rorrey Lynch

Star crossed lovers, oh me oh my!

We had coffee at the Café de Phares near the Bastille, then we took the Metro to the stop at the Tuileries near Madeleine to buy some souvenirs at Paget near Place Vendome.

We walked along the Left Bank of the Seine and sat on a bench in the Jardin des Tuileries. It was the perfect rest stop of inviting shade from a sweltering July sun, with the orderly rows of linden trees, all neatly pruned to square shapes so that the entire mass seemed like a huge green box floating above the ground.

I suddenly remembered the movie, "Casablanca"… Bogart and Bergman at the airport… I turned to him and laughed. 'We'll always have Paris, right?' He nodded and said, "We will always have always."

But will they?



I would ask you to take us to Paris, to the Eiffel Tower from which Mortimer wished his ashes to be scattered, but that would be too big an imposition. I thought about taking his ashes there myself years ago but selfishly, I wanted to be mingled with him in death as I was in life.

Dru, soon I will be able to join with him, truly join with him For many years, it was enough to see him, talk with him, sleep with arms that no one else could see around me. But I saw him, even after his death, only through the lenses of a mortal. When I don the lenses of an immortal, our interludes, oh, our interludes will be more joyous than anyone can imagine. I feel it, I feel it deeply and I know its truth. All the power of love held captive by this corporeal existence will be unleashed. All the restrictions of the hand that was dealt to us will be lifted.

Can you see it? Can you feel it?

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 09/25/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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