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Nudging Cupid

Author(s): Kerri Williams

Sometimes you may be lucky enough to stumble upon love, but sometimes, love needs a little push.

It’s lights, camera and love on the set of Nudging Cupid- Australia’s new television show and Ivy Mason has big plans.

Unfortunately, when it comes to love, nothing goes to plan.

Nudging Cupid was to be Ivy’s first production, the ladder to her success. All she had to do was get three sexy as sin bachelors to find love in a mansion of twelve beautiful woman and capture it all on film for Australia to watch. How hard could that be?

But all Ivy’s plans go awry when she comes into contact with the dark haired, blue eyed, Owen Radcliff. Somehow, against all her best judgment, Ivy falls for one of her bachelors.


Owen Radcliff’s wasn’t looking for love– he was looking for revenge. Infiltrating the latest Australian reality tv show was his only way to do it. But when he saves the life of the show’s producer, Owen is suddenly torn between the vow of revenge for his sister and the need to protect Ivy- even from himself.




“I think you are the most attractive contestant of the three of you, and I think you will be a favorite with the ladies in the house and the female viewers.”

His brows went from narrowed suspicion to risen surprise. His smile was as cheeky and wide as the mischievous Cheshire cat. Little did he know, it made her belly do a little flip flop, the feeling was like butterflies caught by a kid in glass jar.

She shook her head and he could see she was trying not to laugh as she continued, “There needs to be a favorite and I think it will be you, I had a feeling it would be you when I studied your profile but I am absolutely sure now that we have shared a... err, spent time together. I think that if you came in to that room as yourself it will change how they all think this game was going to be played. I think your contenders are going to feel a little threatened, but that makes the show more interesting.”

Interesting. “So let me get this straight.” He felt torn between her obvious attraction to him and her willingness to use him to boost her ratings.

She nodded.

“You think I’m attractive?” He waited cheekily for her to confirm hoping she would remain as candid as she had started.


Bingo. He flashed his 250watt smile, “You believe I am more attractive than any man here?”

She laughed lightly as he waited once again for confirmation. “Yes, I said that.”

“So much so, that every woman here will want me.” This is fun.

This time she couldn’t help but whole heartedly laugh before she could answer and the sound made him warm.


He took the small space that stood between them until he was a mere breath away. “Does that mean you want me?”

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