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On the Road

Author(s): Sean Michael

For two men who spend their days in the cab of a long-haul semi, Kyle and
Mike are very different guys. Kyle is a wealthy man who fled his life after
the death of his lover. Mike was married, has a kid that wants nothing to do
with him, and has to work to pay his bills. The one thing they have in
common is their need for the open road, and for each other. When Kyle wants
to retire, though, the brakes start to fail, as Mike doesn't want to quit
working until he can pay his own way, not wanting to touch Kyle's money. Can
these two work around the obstacles in the road to stay together?
Kyle was bored. He'd finished two books, checked his email on the laptop,
played eighteen games of Tetris and watched "Trainspotting." He'd tried
meditating, yoga, counting phone poles through the skylight and biofeedback.
The space was huge considering it was in the cab of a truck ­ a six foot
long bed, a little fridge, the TV - complete with DVD player, opening up to
the two big seats in the front of the cab all a cheerful light beige, but it
was still just a little box with only so much a man could do and he¹d pretty
much done it all.
Fact was, he needed an orgasm.
Kyle looked over at Mike's head, blond hair and a thick, muscled arm all he
could see. Bastard was gorgeous, too, blue eyes to go with that blond hair
and a body that belied the fact that they both sat on their asses all day as
a job. Just thinking about Mike made him hornier. Too bad Mike was
determined, driving to wherever they were headed with this load of whatever
the fuck it was.
"Time for porn." He popped "Hot, Hard and Hung" into the DVD player and
stretched out on their fold-out. Then he fast-forwarded to the good parts,
pulled his cock out of his shorts and proceeded to try and find out how
determined his lover was.
"We get a bonus if we get this load to Seattle early." It was thrown out,
almost casually, Mike speaking just loud enough to be heard over the noise
of the road.
"How big a bonus?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1-60370-299-7
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 03/12/2008
Publisher: Torquere Press

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