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One Night Only

Author(s): Destiny Wallace

Maleeya Benson is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force and perfectly content.  She has an education, a good job, and even owns a condo on the beach.  She has all these things at the expense of a social life. 

 However, when one of her coworkers decide to have a club crawl for a going-away party, Lee agrees to go just so she can let Logan Wentz know exactly how she’s feels about him.  His divorce is pending and Lee sees this one night out as her opportunity. 

 Easier said than done!  If Lee can get some privacy from her coworkers, keep an eye on her drunken best friend, and show Logan that she can be more than a friend.

 Maybe the night will come out the way she hopes or maybe not, are you ready to find out?



Lee blushed.  “I just don’t get it,” she said studying his face.  “What happened between you two?”

    Logan dropped his hand.  He’d been leaning into her but he suddenly stood straight.  “The deployment, most likely.   This was our first separation…I mean two week TDY’s here and there, but no remotes or deployments until this one.  I guess she got lonely, or bored, or –.”

    “Idle?” Lee offered.

    “Yeah…what’s that saying?  The devil makes work for idle hands.”

    “Or other body parts,” mumbled Lee.

    Logan chuckled.

    “Sorry,” Lee said quickly, “I shouldn’t joke.”

    “It’s okay; I’m not that sensitive about it.”

    “Seriously,” said Lee, “Maybe it’s the mental health tech in me, but you have to feel something.”

    “Regret,” quipped Logan.

    “So, a while ago you told me that you’re shy.  If you are so shy how’d you two get married in the first place?”

    Logan studied the empty beer bottle for a second and Lee almost told him he didn’t have to answer the question.  “We dated on and off in high school.  Then, I left and went to Basic Training.  I graduated and started training…one day I called her up and proposed.”

   “Oh,” Lee said with a grimace.  “That’s the wrong time to make relationship decisions…after six weeks of showering with a bunch of guys.”

   “I know.”

   Lee shook her head.  How many of their patients had made that same mistake?!  Then they came in depressed or angry with serious marital problems.  It was a wonder anyone in the military stayed in their first marriage.  Then again, maybe it was nice to have someone to share a life with, unlike her who’d never had a relationship that lasted more than four months.

    Logan sighed.  “I just feel like I stayed out of obligation…I loved her but…I’ve known for years that something wasn’t quite right.”


    “Yeah.  Lately I’ve had this feeling that I’m missing out on something.”  His voice dropped and he leaned into her again.

    “It was probably just that seven-year-itch thing.”

    “No, that was three years ago.  That was more of a general malaise than this crippling need to wake the fuck up.”

    Lee found that breathing was becoming a bit difficult.  “Are you awake now?” she asked.

    Logan’s fingers returned to her hair.  “Wide awake.”

    She looked up and was lost in the intensity behind his eyes.  He leaned down, a fraction of an inch, barely noticeable, except she was keenly aware that his lips were getting that much closer to hers.

    “Hey!  We’ve been looking all over this place for you guys!  We’re headed out to Night Crawl!”  Terri exclaimed, shattering the moment and startling them both.


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-794-3
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 10/21/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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