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Party Girl, Inc.

Author(s): Destiny Wallace

Want to party hardy?

Ebony Harris is the owner of Party Girl, Incorporated. She makes a living planning parties. Ebony takes her job very seriously, no matter how much her assistant and best friend Jenna tries to get her to lighten up. Ebony is all business...until she meets Brock Huntington.

Brock thinks he's going to another boring wedding reception, but finds himself drawn to Ebony. He soon discovers that she's unlike any woman he's ever met.

Suddenly, Ebony's personal life clashes with her professional life. Can Brock convince her to finally put pleasure before business?



"Party Girl Incorporated," Jenna sang into the phone as Ebony walked past her on Monday morning. The two had barely finished their first cup of coffee when the phone chirped. Ebony ran into her office to be at her desk if Jenna patched through the call.

"Mr. Huntington on line one," Jenna said just before Ebony's stomach tied itself in knots.

She'd convinced herself that he'd have lost interest in her after Friday night. In fact, by the time she got out of bed on Saturday morning, she was trying to find a way to forget about him. She tried not to think about how he'd towered over her five foot six inch frame and the way he made her mouth dry while making other parts of her wet.

"Ebony Harris," she said when she picked up the line. "How can I help you party?"

Brock laughed.

"Good morning, Ms. Harris. I'm calling to arrange a dinner."

Ebony blinked. Is he serious?

"Or a lunch…coffee…let me know if I'm being too forward here."

Ebony giggled. Ack! She was giggling like a middle school-er. Pull it together, girl! "Well, Mr. Huntington. You're offer is a bit forward. May I ask what this meeting pertains to?"

Brock cleared his throat. "Well, I had a wonderful time at that party this past weekend but I had the feeling something was missing. I wanted to discuss it with you."

Ebony swallowed another giggle. "Something was missing?"

"It must have been obvious to you that I was in attendance alone."

"So you were missing a date? That's what was missing from the party?"

"Exactly." She could hear the smile in his voice.

"Well, Mr. Huntington that is not exactly something the party planner is responsible for arranging. It sounds like you need a different kind of service."

Brock laughed a deep guttural laugh that made her smile. "I certainly don't need that kind of service," he said after he recovered. "Will you have lunch with me?"

Ebony crossed her legs against the sudden pulse in her womanly parts. "Yes," she said breathlessly.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-210-8
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 09/25/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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