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Snowbound Date

Snowbound Series: Book 9

Author(s): Veronica Tower

First dates are always exciting, but they can be nerve-wracking too—especially when they involve meeting your new younger white boyfriend’s family. It’s a lot to handle, but Thea figures it worth the extra strain to spend some time with him since Nick is really cute and his smile makes her tingle from head to toe. She didn’t count on the snowstorm…
“Oh,” Nick said sounding momentarily disconcerted by her refusal. Then he rallied and began to offer Plan B. “Well how about Thursday night then? I can get Jim to switch the shift with me. The bar is pretty quiet on Thursdays.”
Thea felt her own spirits sagging. “We work late Thursdays too,” she told him.
“Oh,” Nick said again.
“But maybe we could do it on Friday,” Thea suggested. “Could Jim handle the bar for the evening? If we follow your plan, you’d be back to help him by midnight at the latest.”
She realized that her suggestion eliminated the possibility of the two of them doing much of anything physical on their date. She hoped that wasn’t a turn off for Nick. She was interested in sex, of course, but she was also more than a little nervous about it. If she and Nick could take sex off the table for their first night out, it might just help them to relax and get to know each other better. She wanted her first time to be with a really good guy. Heck, she wanted all her times to be with a really good guy. She thought Nick might be him but she really didn’t know yet.
Thea suddenly realized that Nick wasn’t speaking. He was put off that she didn’t intend to sleep with him that first night. If she hadn’t already been sitting on her bed she’d have sunk to her knees with the weight of her disappointment.
“I, um, I,” Nick said as he fumbled about for the right words to make his point with.
“It’s okay,” Thea said. “We don’t have to go out Friday night.”
“What?” Nick said. “No, that’s not what the problem is,” he said. “Actually, I’ve already gotten Jim to agree to cover me for the first part of the night, just like you suggested, it’s just that…” His voice trailed off leading Thea to leap to a different and far more disappointing realization.
“You have another date,” she accused.
“What? No!” Nick insisted before backing off his absolute assurance. “Well, not really. It’s just that-”
Thea’s disappointment quickly turned to anger. “Do you, or don’t you, have a date with someone else Friday night?”
“My sister is starring in a community production of The Sound of Music this weekend,” Nick confessed. He kept talking in a heated rush as if it were a race to spit the words out into the phone. “I promised her I’d see it on Friday. I’m sorry but I can’t let her down. She doesn’t get a lead very often and playing the part of Maria is the biggest role she’s ever had.”
Thea dropped her head back onto her pillow in relief—all trace of the anger she’d been feeling fifteen seconds earlier was gone. “Well why didn’t you just say so?” she asked. “Of course you have to see your sister’s play. And if you want, I’d be happy to go with you. There’s no reason we can’t make the play our first date.”
“You’d really go?” Nick said. He sounded as if she’d just announced she’d face down a pack of wild dogs or give up one of her kidneys for him.
“Well it’s not snow-tubing,” she acknowledged, trying to make a joke of it, “but sure. Who doesn’t love The Sound of Music?”
“You do realize,” Nick told her, “that my mother, father and brother will be there too.”
“Oh,” Thea said. She finally understood Nick’s reluctance regarding getting together Friday night. The thought of meeting his parents on their first date was very intimidating.
“Yes, oh,” Nick said. “Believe me. I understand. If you want to rethink the idea of going to the play with me Friday night, I’ll understand. We can get together next week.”
She did find the idea of meeting Nick’s parents intimidating—after all, they hadn’t actually gone out with each other yet. But damn it, she also really did want to see him again and she didn’t want to wait a week to do it. How bad could they really be?
“I want to go to the play with you,” she told him.
“Really?” Nick asked again as if he couldn’t quite believe his good fortune.
“Yes, really!” Thea told him. “I had a really good time last night. Let’s see how well we get along when we’re not in a bar.”

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