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Snowbound New Year

Snowbound Series: Book 2

Author(s): Veronica Tower

Kara and Ron return to Detroit to find forecasts of a new snowstorm are the least of their problems. They don’t really know each other that well yet, and too many friends and family members seem intent to keep it that way. Can they move beyond their intense physical attraction to become genuine lovers? That may depend on whether or not the coming blizzard makes this a Snowbound New Year.



 “That one’s mine!”

Kara pointed at the brown piece of luggage as it appeared on the conveyer belt and Ron darted off through the crowd to claim it. He moved well, gracefully, like an athlete still capable of stepping onto the field to play the game—not just remember the big ones over a few drinks. He got ahead of the bag, snagged the handle and wrenched it off of the carrousel. It was obviously heavier than he remembered because the bag lurched suddenly toward the floor before Ron compensated for the true weight and swung it up beside him.

He returned at a more leisurely pace but with no further sign that Kara’s luggage presented any problem for him. That didn’t stop her from feeling a twinge of guilt for having packed so heavily.

“All of my suitcases have wheels,” she pointed out when Ron drew close enough that she didn’t have to shout to be heard.

Ron set the bag down beside her other ones. “It’s easier to carry it when I’m weaving in and out of all of these people.”

Kara stepped up against him and slid her hand inside his open coat to feel his well-defined abs. The gesture made her feel very bold. “Are you sure you’re not just showing off all of this muscle to impress your new girlfriend?”

“Well that depends,” Ron said. He wrapped his own arms around Kara and encouraged her to lean tighter against him. Her arms slid around his back, under his coat. His torso felt hard and fit against her body. “Are you impressed?”

“Oh, most definitely.” She worked her cheek against his shoulder, searching for a comfortable place to rest it. “Who wouldn’t be?”

Ron kissed the top of her head. “You always know the right things to say.”

Kara looked up into his deep blue eyes, not certain how to answer him. Did she admit that she wanted desperately to say the right things? Or did she pass it off as something that just came naturally?

Ron removed the need for Kara to answer by kissing her again—zeroing in on her lips as she tilted her face up toward his. He started out tenderly, but in a very few moments his actions grew more urgent. His tongue thrust hard against hers, reaching deep into her mouth to make her whole body tingle.

Someone brushed against them on their way to the baggage carrousel and Kara broke the kiss. She had to close her eyes for a moment while she reoriented herself and steadied her breathing. They were standing in an airport with the public moving all around them. There were limits to how far she’d let Ron take them. She wasn’t going to duplicate what they’d done in Newark. Not that there was any need to this time. In Newark they had been snowed in—trapped in the terminal. Here they were little more than an hour away from her home. They had all night to kiss and love each other—at least until it was time to get up and go to work tomorrow.

Ron evidently had other plans. His left hand cupped her chin and gently guided her face back toward his. He didn’t seem even the slightest bit concerned about all of the people milling around them. His lips touched hers again.

“Why don’t we go find your car?” Kara interrupted him.

Ron hesitated, then his eyebrow arched and he grinned. “Okay, if that’s where you prefer. It’s cold outside but it will be more private than this terminal.”

Heat rushed to Kara’s face. “I mean to drive us to my house!”

Ron’s grin widened. “We can do that too—eventually.”


He responded to her tone by lowering his voice and bending his head past her cheek to whisper in her ear. “I want to kiss you now!” he told her. “I want to feel your lips pressed hard against mine while I slide my hands inside your blouse and feel your hot skin tremble beneath my fingers. And if you’ll remember our Christmas Day Agreement, you promised to let me have you any day, any place and any time I have the urge.”

Kara’s knees quaked and she leaned more fully against her man.

Ron kissed her, sending his tongue deep inside Kara’s mouth, encouraging her to mold her body against his as he breathed in her air. Her legs turned to jelly but Ron didn’t seem to notice. He was strong enough for both of them, holding her against him as he made love to her mouth, letting his tongue show her how to intertwine their souls. She could feel the pulse beating in her chest and in her throat, or was that his heart racing, sharing its tempo through their flesh, melding them into one body, one heart, one mind-


The shocked voice penetrated the outer surface of Kara’s consciousness but failed to fully register in her brain. Ron continued kissing her, his strong arms encircling her, holding her body tight against his.

“Kara? Is that you? What are you-”

This time the voice of Kara’s sister registered. She broke the kiss and looked about her in surprise. “Ruth? What are you doing here?”

Her sister and brother-in-law stood three feet away with expressions too extreme to qualify as mere shock or surprise.

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Date Published: 12/31/2010
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