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Song of Desire

Desert Rose Anthology

Author(s): Marilyn Lee

No male with social status will accept a virgin bride on Bluhari. Preparing virgins for marriage is a rutting slave’s job and there’s none more proficient than the mysterious Thorn. With no memory of who he is and his one asset his sexual prowess, he serves a mistress who is determined to keep him in sexual servitude.

Sierra’s pampered life spent devoting herself to her music is about to end as the time nears for her to learn the art of pleasing the royal pledged to be her consort. Despite her physical reaction to Thorn's nude body, Sierra is determined to resist him. Thorn, who has been promised his freedom if he breaks Sierra in quickly, is just as determined. When the two meet, the level of passion they experience is unexpected and will have far reaching consequences for them and the other man in Sierra's life.



Alone in her chambers, she stood staring out at the expanse of her private garden where Hawk would conceal himself before he joined them. She felt certain Hawk would manage to overcome any of the rutter’s objections. She doubted many people could resist the blatant sexual magnetism he'd revealed that day.

Her chamber door slid open.

She turned.

Caronae stood in the opening, a disapproving look on her pretty face. “You’re not ready.”

She lifted her chin. “This is as ready as I intend to get.”

Caronae narrowed her gaze. “So be it. He will take you unprepared.” She stepped aside. The rutter stepped forward. He was still naked but no longer wore his mask. Why was he aroused? Was it her imagination or was he even bigger than she'd thought? Tearing her gaze away from his groin, she saw his dark green eyes flashing at her from a face that was as arresting as it was handsome.

Caronae looked at the rutter. “Take force if necessary.”

He stepped into the chamber.

As the door slid closed, he walked toward her.

Sierra took a deep breath and backed away until the wall blocked further retreat. She shook her head, leveling a finger at him. “Do you know who I am?”


“Then you stay away from me. I won't have you rutting into me with your weapon.”

He continued moving slowly across the room. “I have no wish to touch you, but I have even less desire to remain a rutter.” He stopped just a cock length from her, staring down into her eyes. “Your mother has promised me my freedom for breaking you in quickly.”

She could feel the heat and hardness of his cock pressing against her stomach through the thin, sensitive layer of her catsuit. Breathing became difficult. “I…if you know who I am, you know I will unite and rule over two kingdoms. If you leave me alone, I will see that you need never rut again.”

“You mother will see that I never need rut again if I break you in without delay so that your bonding may take place quicker,” he countered.

She moistened her lips. “Please…you'll tear me up inside.”

He shook his head. “I have no wish to hurt or injure you. I will be as gentle as possible.”

“Why don't I join you and together we can show her mating doesn't have to be unpleasant?”

Sierra released a relieved breath at the sound of Hawk’s warm, deep voice. She quickly turned as the garden door slid open.

Hawk strolled confidently into her bedchamber—naked and gloriously erect.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-687-8
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 04/29/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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